Christmas. There is something about it that instantly puts you to “Polar Express” mode. I wouldn’t mind getting the parka out just know..”feels”? I love Christmas. And thanks to India Circus {by Krshna Mehta} that I am literally jumping on the Christmas trampoline like a monkey on decor LSD. Indian motif interpreted through an occidental eye, giving you designs that are original, re-imagined, soaked in pop and doused in grace.

Yes I stole that last bit from Come as you are. No points for guessing that.

For a lady who advocates India Chic boldly, this- to be working a bright Christmassy tablescape in a house that follows coastal aesthetic, with beautiful crockery inspired by Indian sensibities- sounded like pure pleasure. I have never decorated with red crockery before but the designs made me! And I was amazed at how seamlessly it fit into this {wannabe?} beach house of mine. If you are looking for tablescape ideas that requires no effort or inspirations on what to buy for your friends this Christmas, you need to hold my hand and jump on this trampoline too. For real.


I am in love with the ringmaster’s take on these wine glasses. The traditionalist might smirk, but in India we are all things quirk and this is sophisticated pop at its best. Steering away from the traditional shapes, the designer has added a stem to a tumbler and boy is this rocking my boat. Best part is, I can serve thandai to wine- in the very same glass. A character that I think totally justifies Mehta’s design philosophy- design must travel. You could very well be sipping sweet Iced Tea in Mississippi in these glasses without thinking India once and yet when you serve badam milk in it, you wouldn’t miss thinking how very quintessentially Indian it is. A part of Spring Summer ‘16 this one is eclectic, bright, clean and represents the vibrancy of the city life and inextricable designs that comes from various parts of India with innocence more than experience.


You know that’s the thing about good design. Everything else becomes fairly simple to pull off with a great piece on board. A few perrier {well, because one must drink water and not just wine} a bunch of cheap flowers from the local market in empty jam jars and a candle or two. Wham! Right there is a table that screams laid back luxe with 0 effort. Like I said at the beginning of the blog- I don’t think I have ever been this confident with red. I mean in a room full of crockery I will, by instinct, steer towards blues, browns and whites. But this? Oh, yes. This has my heart. Just the right shade of red, just the right amount, this is Indian design done so very right. Swooning right now on this. Might sleep with this under my pillow.


Also a word for these gorgeous, gorgeous kullad or teacups from the line, “Flight of Birds”. Please allow me some digression will you? Will you?

These somehow reminds me of my time in the north of west bengal where my father was posted for the longest time. And having fallen in love with the beauty of landscape he decided to never return to Kolkata. Clearly, we grew up in small little towns nestled in green, dotting the hills of Darjeeling and Siliguri. And our most preferred mode of transport was either our car or the train. And train means “chai” in “maatir bhaar”. Bhaar is typically little teacups made from terracotta in which they serve tea. Old and young men would come along singing their own wake up song and hand us a steaming cup of milky, sweet tea. Burdwan would be an hour away and outside the window there will be a thick layer of fog over the vast expanse of rice fields.

I had to fill these with some as I thought and shot along. How far we have come and we’ve not gone far at all. India Circus’ designs uphold this ‘far yet rooted’ sentiment beautifully.


And now, back to the point of discussion.

In the image below, I have shown you how little things can add up to give great impact and how a good crockery plays a vital role in your tablescape {read: makes your life easy} I have never been a person of extravagant decor decisions but rather like my home to spill that “put your feet up and relax” vibe so I set the table accordingly. However, with India Circus you can do a lot! From 100% Indian to jungalow, french farmhouse, urban or eclectic- you can really make these flow into styles. Here we go:


When tablescaping, start with these easy steps after you have decided your room colour palette and table cloth-
1. Add in your crockery first. This will help you to weave the rest of the things around. First in, dinner plates. I have used an image where the quarter plates are missing but after dinner plates add in the quarter plates.
2. Choose your glasses. Make sure the crockery complement each other. Do not go all “matchy” or completely out of the palette of the plates.
3. Add in the first section of accents. It could be a flower vase, candles- whatever you choose. To keep with the holiday theme, I have used a dark green candle and silver bauble vases
4. Add in the second set of accents.
5. Stand back and look at the backdrop. Your table needs a good wall to flank it and it completes the look. Make sure your wall accents too are in sync with your home and your table.

Simple right?

By the way, not that anyone asked me to mention, India Circus is having a good looking 30% off in crockery. Go check it out. They make the most perfect Christmas gifts and I am telling you this is the kind that will never be stashed away in the cupboard. Early this month, I have already gifted myself a French Press and I am in head over heels about it. Drink coffee, shoot, drink coffee, shoot- perfect!


Picking up another French press from their line for dad, who appreciates good coffee as much as tea. So yeah, that’s how we pair India and beach house and I am marveled at how effortlessly they fit in! 700 words and I still feel like talking a lot about them! Hah, this is when you know you should leave me to myself and me you all. I hope you all liked this little fuse of colours to my otherwise white decor and the mix of styles. If you have any questions regarding the products, styling, queries- shoot a comment and I will be happy to help thee.

Merry Christmas then!


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