A 100 sqft bedroom for your perusal!

Well, what a blasphemy to begin with. I had to start the blog with a phone photograph because my camera lens cannot get the whole room and the phone has a wide angle. This will probably be the first.

But then again, the last year and this have been years of many firsts. From quitting a steady salary to starting our own product line to designing two- albeit miserably small quantity- capsule serveware and now a bigger-ish spring-summer line, a lot of focus on the blog (because frankly last year I was totally lost) and perhaps scaling it up a notch. What a year. What a year. What a year of first.

If someone told me a few years ago that I would quit my job and take up what I always thought was “something I liked doing” if not “necessarily good at” as my profession- which is to design and write, I’d think he/she’s pulling a nasty joke on me. I could never quite master the courage to let go of a salary that hit my bank on the 3rd. But I think that’s that. One day that urge to not be comfortable will eventually take over and you will break all possible comfortable shackles and go headlong towards what would seem like the worst decision of all time.

And tell you what? It sometimes is. It’s a pain. The funds don’t come in on time, the vendors are pain. Like you’d literally speak to 20 people and for everything and see 40 versions and all the while paying for samples. Then the logistics is a black hole- lets just say its not easy. There were times in 2019 I thought it was not for me at all. I applied to a few jobs in LinkedIn and well…almost went on for an interview.

But again, you are a product of the decisions you take at life’s most difficult crossroads. I didn’t go to that interview, I kind of cringed at the bank balance (I owe about a lac to my husband. I did not want to take loans because I didn’t want to pay interest to the bank. Rather, I would actually give him an interest when I return the cash back but he doesn’t know yet :)) and yet I feel content sleeping under a wallpaper that I designed myself. And should I take the opportunity to also say that it looks pretty damn nice.

I really have to agree that our Endless Summer Wallpaper is very dreamy

Tiny blue flowers on a milky background quite instantly lends a romantic, farmhouse cottage ambiance while little repeats add height to the little room. Ideally, small patterns are advised against small rooms but I can live with this!

And this would have never happened, if I didn’t take that leap

So sitting here, beside a wall full of dreamy flowers, I cannot help but feel utterly grateful. To God and family for giving me the courage, to friends for sticking it out for me and to all of you reading this right now for being who I do all of this for.

Supermassive huge thank you.

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