Hello fancy pansy!

Looks like we have emerged victorious from the lull and blues after all. I mean how could you not when you have bright pansies blooming in your garden. Sure the Christmas tree and all things glittery, hot chocolate and rum cakes do leave a void in your heart but a bright purple certain someone can quite easily stitch the patch. Who knew?

The Christmas tree feels like a snippet from a distant past who has no hold on me. Not until its November again. A pang or two perhaps in August, but for now, there is movement.


On September 25th, Amazon on its “launch pad” integration had sent me a bunch of DIY gardening kit. It had some pansy seeds in it. Around mid November I planted the pansies in a small trough and totally forgot about it. Just kept watering it with everything else.

Around mid December, I saw them yay high but slightly droop-ish. So I added a spoonful of vermicompost and let it be. Before going to Goa- the birthday weekend- I planted two of them in little planters- each- and watered thorough.

I had no expectations because frankly, I didn’t have much hope. Because it was too much time and nothing moved.

But hey, look what we have here. Spring.

What a beautiful cycle nature creates, year after year, decade after decade. And what a fool you’d be to guess the working of this powerful force. Just like our very life I guess. Sitting in the little patch of apartment garden today, I wondered how this cosmic cycle affects us all. It all moves and grows and yet by wanting instant results; by wanting for things to happen before it’s time we continuously frustrate ourselves. Truth is, it will not happen before its time.

Give it nourishment, give it time, trust that slowly its taking its time, rooting ahead and moving. And then when its time, and you have had your lull and slumber, you are a purple flower shining away.

And I felt my heart quietly cuddle up to the sun, content and satisfied that comes from placing great trust. In anyone for that matter of fact 🙂


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