Tiles, swoon, tile love and more is happening on this blog today. Hello there! How’s it cooking at yours? Now while most would find writing a blog at the end of a good 10 hour long day pretty tiring, I on the other hand, find it rather therapeutic and relaxing. The husband will be late at work, so here I am- settled and snugged in with a cup of tea, doing a little research on tiles for our new home {oh, did I tell you that we recently bought in a new home in the outskirts of Mumbai? Me and my family always wanted to stay out of the city and we are now the proud owners of a nifty little apartment where you can play football} and can I tell you that I have found someone fantastic. They are Kajaria Tiles

I am a huge fan of Carrera marbles {thanks to dreamy white lifestyle and her stunning home} and went onto search for marble flooring this morning, but look at where this fate landed me into. A house of Tile experts from India, who make stunning tiles and also the ones that look exactly like marbles- replete with the deep grooves and veins that are so quintessential to this all natural stone. Look at this!


And here’s the implemented image


At the offset, I thought this was imported but it isn’t. The Company’s TVC featuring Akshay Kumar {Kajaria Tiles has recently collaborated with Akshay Kumar for their all new range and you can click here to see it} made it very clear that the company is committed to make in India and apparently all their lifestyle products are a produce of our country. Clap clap. You know we go so ooh and aah on “Made in USA” and “Made in France”- It’s time to be a little proud of #MadeInIndia too! Or as we’d call it- in the limelight of everything made in India- #DeshKiTile. It’s pretty fascinating how far we’ve come, and I am proud to be talking so swoon-fully of an all Indian Tile. Hah…we’re 100 steps closer to concreting the style #IndiaChic

Having written a piece on Trends 2017 for Good Homes Magazine India recently, I know that this year, marble will be in trend and I love, love, love the Megalith (80x120cm) range that mimics the nuances of the real, natural stones sooooo well. Best part is, as Kajaria Tiles write, it requires very little maintenance unlike the latter and has a reflective index just like polished marble which gives it that added advantage!

So What Tiles Am I Choosing?

I don’t want to be biased but I have my eyes on the Michel Angelo #KajariaEternity floor tiles for our home. I am quite hooked onto it at the moment. Look at those gorgeous, gorgeous veins and tell me it’s not marble! What a fitting name for a tile like that. Took me back to my honours course, the Sistine Chapel, Michel Angelo and his famous sculpture of Mother Mary in Marble wherein he uses his mother’s face as mother Mary’s. Michel Angelo preferred marble over colours because “colours merge”, he said!

Anyway, pardon the digression which has become a typical feature of this blog! Coming back to the point, while my Mumbai apartment sports a beach theme- with all white furniture- our other home will be a mix of modern-vintage which will be perfect to be offset by the marbletech tiles. It’s hard to bend my mind once I have set my eyes onto something but in case you’d like to know, the Megalith has 7 finishes and are strong, abrasion resistant and stain proof. If you are planning a renovation, do check #KajariaCeramics.

Tile Name: K8834 from Solitaire 80×80 cm

In the 800 x 800 mm marble look alike range, which is essentially square, you can take a look at the Solitaire range which exhibits the same precision as the Megalith. Durable, beautiful and craftsmanship that highlights exclusive veining technology- the Solitaire has a porosity of as low as 0.05% which makes them stain resistant and almost nil absorptive. You know, when I was young, I used to think these don’t matter. But they do. Not often you rip open the entire flooring down to its skeleton and when you do, it’s better be good. I am sharing this with you so you can have informed decisions and not be at the pity of your contractor or builder.

Tile Name: Marbella, Marbella Decorfrom The Storm – 40×80 cm

Oh, and I also did a little research on Ceramic wall tiles for our kitchen backsplash and The Storm 40×80 is a range you should be looking out for. These High Definition digitally printed tiles look so darn real- I can’t even…! Absolutely stunning imprints and what a vast range of patterns, textures and colours to choose from. Me, being predictable, cornered the classic Marble for our backsplash in the kitchen and plan to flank in a few Farmhouse style, barnwood or sleeper wood open shelves with stacked crockery- let’s see how this goes. For now, I am quite happy to have tiles for the look of a marble! Actually, I am a little torn in between Classic marble and Marbella which is more close to Carerra. What do you think?

It’s almost past 10 and I absolutely must rush but if you are up to home improvement or are buying a new home and would want some inspiration, take a note of Kajaria Tiles. Believe me, you’ll be happily surprised as to how long technology have taken our #DeshKiTile And if you don’t believe me, I am sure you’ll believe Akshay Kumar now, won’t you?

Have a question or suggestion? Write in the comment section and I’ll be happy to address!

To tiled dreams, #BeautifulHomes and better living!

7 thoughts on “What am I up to: Reading Up on Tiles that look just like marble!”

    1. Oh but Red Mexican tiles will be so wonderful. You know I was eyeing this red cement polished flooring my grandma’s house has. Imagine coloured cement…a midnight blue or emerald green and white beachy vibe to offset. This year I’ll delve straight into hardware and materials. 😀

  1. Hi !congratulations for your new house .. cannot wait to see it taking shape and getting featured in your blog ! This marble look alike tile looks beautiful ..

  2. I love Carrara marble! And those tiles look lovely. Will they lay them using paper joints? If you want #DeshkaTile, check out Bharat Tiles. They have some lovely designs but probably not in marble

  3. This was an excellent article describing Kajaria tiles.

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