A Christmas Home, a cup of coffee and a beautiful Friday evening says hello. It’s a crisp, clear, and beautiful evening here in Mumbai and I am almost done with the week’s work. As I write these lines, I can see the sun go down painting the sky a perfect shade of pink. I wish I could show you how pretty it is from my window right now but instead I’ll give you a glimpse of how our Christmas Home is looking. I mentioned this before, on multiple occasions that my home is really tiny and it ends before you even begin but hey, that means nothing right? So hop along, lets take a ride in super small apartment I lovingly call home.


This year, we got in a new bed, which was actually my mother in law’s and it fits snuggly in our bedroom. Our last bed was humongous and barely allowed us any space to do anything around. Thanks to that one gone, we could get in a real tree {which I intend to not kill but I cannot promise because hey, Indian summer} and a wreath for the bedroom this year. And ofcourse, some twinkly lights to add in the Christmas Home punch.


This here, is our hall, as you step in from the main entrance and as you have seen it a hundred times on my instagram feed or Facebook timeline. This is my studio and I change this room around a lot thanks to collabs and shoots. But then sometime around, I get to treat it as one of our favourite rooms where you can put your feet up and relax! For Christmas, I added some flair to our day bed with striped cotton cushions in red and putty, a wintery little knitted cushion, some whites and a linen cushion made with duster.

Before I forget, I think cushions are a great way to add in some change in your room. It’s easy, the change is instant and always are under budget. If you want to deck upp your Christmas Home, start from small fabric sections like cushions, table cover and bolster covers!


We also did a bit of Christmas wreath-ing this year for our Christmas Home and contrary to what I thought, it didn’t turn out as tacky. I wanted a wreath for the longest time but I was very scared that it’ll end up looking out of place! Thankfully it didn’t. When you have a house that little, one needs to make her moves carefully, yeah? 😉 But I am glad it’s done and ready. Now, to sit and pack a few cookies I baked yesterday. Picked up a recipe from BBC UK and the recipe is “On Fleek”


I’ll try and do a quick recipe round up for people who are planning to bake a few cookies last minute! For now, I’ll sit in here with coffee and Christmas movies and count my blessings. Oh and btw, that is my favourite throw at the moment. Haha, seriously though! This is why I never step out of the house. There is nothing better out there except for the Sea. That however is better than any place I’ll ever be! Next time you call me a spoil sport, look at this chair and “Remember”.


Haha, okay, silliness aside, that’s about it! Simple, easy and budget friendly ways to get a fab Christmas Home in a jiffy.

It’s 10:44 now and its been a while I’m here. If I stay any longer, people in this home will go hungry and that can lead to violation of treaty and eventually world peace.

Signing off with a Merry Christmas hum…erm Home!
Peace, Rukmini

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