In my stint of blogging with home and home decor, the one question that I got throughout- and count a decade of me blogging- is what wood paint or glass paints to use on furniture surfaces. Whether or not you could give your glass top or windows a new lease of life without the fear of chipping of staining and so on. And I understand why. Because when it comes to furniture, throwing away or investing in new ones at the drop of a hat is often not the solution. A lot of us live on rents where you would want to probably bring in a few upgrades that resonate to your style and sensibilities without a complete overhaul and nothing like painting your furniture for a super quick refresh. But sadly, the options with wood paint and glass paint by far were pretty limited which drove most of us to wing it with wall emulsions. And I have been guilty of the same!

Seriously! It’s difficult being a decor blogger sometimes because when you are on my side of the spectrum, you often have to tell people with a heavy heart that well, there is no dedicated paint for furniture as such when they bowl that dreaded question towards you like a yorker.

Thankfully, I now know how to play that.

Allow me to introduce you to a set of wood paints and glass paints that are specifically crafted for your wood and glass surfaces so you don’t have to wonder blank when you want to paint your furniture. Plus, no more winging it with wall emulsions either!

WoodPaint: Berger Imperia Gold

I am a huge fan of painted furniture and they look absolutely brilliant if done right. Plus, wood paint gives you the freedom of changing the look of your furniture easily so you don’t have to get stuck with a style forever. All the furniture in my home is painted and I’m a big yes for opaque tints.

If you want an opaque colour for your furniture, the Imperia Gold- a premium 2 Pack polyurethane is your best bet. A top coat meant for tinting purposes, this wood paint can provide you with all shades of the RAL K7 shade card- count a ginormous range of 180 opaque shades and 17 metallic shades that I am sure will cover our colour choices. 

As for the bases, the Imperia Gold offers 12 colourants all of which is lead-free. Categorized in 5 broad bases here are the bases that you can opt for – Imperia Gold Clear Gloss, Imperia Gold Clear Matt, Imperia Gold White Gloss, Imperia Gold White Matt, Imperia Gold Metallic. Clear tinting bases for Dark & Mid-tone shades, White bases for Light & Pastel Shades, Metallic bases for Metallic shades.

But are they versatile?

All shades in the Imperia Gold are of exterior grade except 3 colourants- violet, lead free orange and lead free medium yellow. In short, they are super versatile and I think I can make peace with that!

How accurate are the shades?

Now, here’s a great thing. When we buy colour off a shade card we generally ask if the original manifestation will be slightly darker or lighter than it is in the paper. In this case, the clarity is high enough to give you the exact shade you want. This wood paint boasts of a paint technology called compatibilizer that ensures crystal clear hues.

Glass Paints: Imperia Gold Glass Coatings

Is there a way to paint over your glass tops? Dividers? Doors or windows? Lift panels? Or maybe the windows to a cheerful shade of every colour? What kind of paint can you use that will give it a professional finish and not chip either? Or wait, can you paint a glass surface opaque? Brilliant news is on your way. YOU CAN. In caps. Now you can. From stained glass look to art deco pieces- you can do it all in your space with these Glass Paints.

Berger’s Imperia Gold Glass Coatings allows you to do that and comes in Clear as well as in Opaque variety. In the clear variety you get a choice of matt or gloss- all of which can be tinted with Imperia Gold dyes to get a stained glass or coloured frosted look. As for the opaque variety you have tints in white (matt and gloss) and metallic too- Sunlit Gold and Sparkling Silver are the two shades you can try on. In addition, you can tint the metallic shades too.

But what if you want a glass table painted in a way that the entire piece look of the same material?

The Metallics offered in Imperia Gold Glass paints can also be used on wood or MDF or even a ply for a coordinated metallic look. 

A lot of design possibilities

With Berger’s splatter thinner one can make beautiful designs on glass with Imeria Gold glass paints and dyes. Think looks that mimic that of marble, splatter and also granite

Yes you can stencil too

With Imperia Gold Glass Designzz you can also create beautiful stencils on your glass surfaces – a first of its kind application that no other painting outfit boasts of.

Good for you, and the world

All  wood paints and glass paints from Berger are Green Pro certified which means it’s sustainable and doesn’t emit toxic fumes. It’s not topically important to talk about this while talking about wood paints and glass paints but understanding the over all impact a product has on the world is always a good idea.

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