Mumbai Rains are here! It started with a bang this morning and if you’re a Mumbaikar, you know when it’s here to stay!

Every monsoon, I do a set of things that lets me experience the best of the season and what started as a cluster of feel-good activity has now become a ritual. This time around I thought I’ll share it with you all because somehow I have this uncanny feeling that you all are just like me. Not to beat my own drums and all but I truly enjoy a fabulous readership of like-minded people and I have had so many moments where I am like, “hey, see, she too”. Haha, plus 10 years of being in here is long enough time for me to know you all a bit. Correct me if I am wrong!

But now, without giving my usual digression an upper hand, here’s your TrumatterStyle List to enjoy the Mumbai Rains. Or monsoon in general.

TrumatterStyle Rainy Day CheckList

Sit by the window, listen to the rains & Stay in the now

We take the everyday; the fabulous things that surround us for granted so hard that I can’t even. Take enjoying the rains in full health and conscious for example. That you are able to feel it, see it, hear it and connect with it is a privilege and it’s almost meditative listening to the clouds roar and the massive lashings of the downpour. Give yourself 5 minutes to do this. And while you are it, try to not think of anything but what is in your vicinity. What is in the NOW.

Prep your balcony, have dinners out

Come rains and winter, I take my breakfast and tea in my balcony and irrespective of the fact that I live in a city, it makes me feel amazing. Dont let that “take my tea” fool you into thinking I have a sprawling balcony overlooking a fountain. Rather it’s a slightly larger sun shed with a decent view. Haha, I love the word decent. Especially after that shahid Kapoor movie where Kareena keeps running behind trains. Don’t judge me.

Make a list of books to read

0 points for guessing that good books and the rains are a match made in heaven and every monsoon I curate a special list to read. Last year, I read maximum city, French cooking by Julia child, Hygge by Mike Weiking. Try and choose books of different genre so you read one of everything you love. I haven’t made a list this year but I’ll update you all with this.

Go picnic and collect wildflowers

Guilty of not doing this last year thanks to an anxiety filled cranky monsoon but this year im pulling my socks up, putting my boots on and whoosh we go. A little time outdoor is really good for us. Cooped up at home all the time – though I love doing that- is very counter productive to your over all health. Plus, how else will you get hold of the wildflowers

Get a drink at home with friends + Family and keep the TV off

I am not asking you to consume alcohol if you don’t. I am not endorsing alcoholism or alcohol or old monk or yada yada but as a family, we love a peg or two during the cooler seasons and sitting together and talking away over a glass of old monk + thumbs up while its pouring outside is probably one of the best experiences ever.

Get fresh, bright flowers

I find myself particularly drawn to bright flowers during the rains and I love how that pop of colour against all that grey brings an instant smile to my face. My favourites are purple mums and orchids, and I keep them in repurposed glass jars or old vintage enamelware.

It’s 7 PM and I have a fam jam to attend to- point 4 if you please- and I will leave you with this happy ritual that makes my rains sweeter. If you do happen to do any of the above, do let me know- I absolutely love seeing my tribe!

Oh, have any rains special ritual up your sleeve? Tell me in the comments section!

For now, Bom Dia!

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