Waterproofing solutions. That’s what we are discussing on the blog today and it’s totally important that you lend your ears. Why? Because rarely anything in this world follow a one-fits-all approach unless it’s a bowl of Maggi. That pretty much sorts everyone out. But again- there is masala, chicken, soupy or with choice of sauces and coriander- and it goes on and on.  So if you are thinking of waterproofing and relying on the contractor, let’s raise a question for you: what makes you think that one water proofing solution or wall treatment product could fit all areas of your home when the usage and exposure to water vary in each section? Most importantly, wouldn’t you want to be aware of the process than blindly trusting? It’s your home after all!

And I ask you this because I know how it all rolls. Allow me to tell you a funny story here. 

I live on the 9th floor, which is the top floor, and thankfully other than one tiny area of my study wall, my home doesn’t suffer much from leakage. People living exactly below complain of terrible water leakage from their bedroom roof. And by far, they have sent multiple people in batches to work in our home with waterproofing but the leakage is still there. They have ripped our floors, they have broken our bath tiles and did some generalized waterproofing but to no avail. Truth is, they have been doing it all wrong. Merely cementing tiles with epoxy cannot solve water leakage if you don’t know what is the amount of moisture present and thereby identifying a source. When it comes to wall treatments trust the professionals.

Enter Berger’s moisture meter

The Berger Team uses a Moisture meter to investigate all areas of your home and locate areas with water-proofing requirements with the degree of moisture level present. And this is very important because this is the only way to understand whether it’s just dampness or there is a crack. 

Leakage again can happen in your walls or roofs. And both of these- with their varying intensity of damage- requires tailored water proofing solutions. Take a look at how a wall treatment is typically done. 

How a wall leakage problem is actually taken care of & you can do it yourself if you want

Let’s take a case of moisture meter reading 25 to 30 which is bad if not really bad! The moisture meter ranges from 0-30 with 0 being minimum and 30 and more being severe. 

Once the problem is identified, the problem walls are cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt, dust and wall debris; are filled with Crack Fill paste and a coat of Dampstop is applied in place of primer. Dampstop is single pack hi-performance polymer modified cement-based product which after application is left to dry for 6 hours. Following this 2 coats of Waterproof Putty is applied which is again left to dry for 4-6 hours. The third and the final process involves a Seal-O-Prime which is a premium acrylic primer. Yes, you can use it both indoors and out. 

Once dried for 6 more hours, you are ready to brush it with a top coat for that perfect finish. 

This is the most standard process that most homes require. But basis your moisture meter reading, it can require nothing to injection treatment. Take a look at this chart which will give you an idea of damages vs products used. 

But ofcourse, if you are not one of them to get your hands dirty, the waterproofing solutions can be implemented via Express Painting Services. You can check Berger’s Wall treatments and Water Proofing solutions here

When it comes to the roof, there are two water proofing solutions. 

  1. If the moisture meter predicts a moisture level of 7 to 11, one could use a WeatherCoat RoofGuard
  2. If the moisture meter predicts a moisture level more than that of 12- the only option is PU ROOFKOAT. Because it’s your roof, one cannot take chances at all. 

What is the best time for water proofing

Though one should start early on around April-May, waterproofing can be done even if you get two days of dry spell. With Berger’s quick dry products, it’s truly convenient. 

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