If you own a few footed dessert bowls my darling, you have won in life. From serving ice-creams and desserts to creating stunning centerpieces- it’s all a piece of cake for you. But just in case you don’t, no stress. I’ll link to some of my favourite dessert bowls at the end of this blog that looks good, are absolutely double duty and are affordable so you don’t break bank either.

But first, a customary Hello

Welcome ladies and gentlemen (there was one guy from Netherlands but I have no idea if he still hangs with us). It’s been a while I have sat down to write a blog and said hello to you and it feels so good to be doing this. Like old times where you had no idea if this blog was just another floating dust in the cosmos. There is something about wordpress that feels like home. Like meeting an old friend and talk and hang around till the end of time. A feeling no other social or digital platform offers. Like Microblogging is not even my thang.

Hah, see how I have dedicated a tiny space for my digression? I think it’ll help keep straying away in check. Not that you mind.

But I have promised to keep digression to minimum in fear of boring the young and the restless who I have been told have attention span of less than a 2 year old. Scary huh? Anyway, gotta keep up with the world y’all!

As for the DIY dessert bowl floral arrangement, this is so so versatile that even the restless will find it useful. Depending on the occasion and place and theme, you can juggle the flowers and vase around and you’ll have a fabulous floral centerpiece ready in a jiffy to add to your table. Like imagine…mercury glass dessert bowl with daisies and grass for your alfresco summer party or Juniper berries and branches of green for the holiday season. So so good!

Because it’s all dark and moody and monsoon-y here, I thought of doing a little moody centerpiece keeping with the ambiance and I chose a few pink roses, a bunch of small purple flowers and a few stray branches for foliage from the streets. Added them to a beautiful blue and white dessert bowl and voila! Here’s how I did it!

What you’ll need for dessert bowl Floral Arrangement

You’ll need a footed dessert bowl of more if you’re planning floral arrangement for a longish table

Flowers and foliage- Upto your choice but I find three or more kind with foliage works best. Choose one contrasting colour to add some variety and foliage of slightly longer lengths to add depth.

Florist’s foam

A knife/cutter

A needle and thread (I know. Odd. But you’ll see)

How to make a stunning dessert bowl Floral Arrangement

Start with cutting the florist’s foam to sit in your dessert bowl. I also made the top slightly roundish but it’s not really necessary.

Soak it in water, pick it up, get rid of the excess water and place it in your dessert bowl. You can also do the arrangement outside and then add it in the dessert bowl but I’d suggest against it because that way you won’t have proper idea as to what will look good where.

Also, there is absolutely no set formula other than placing flowers at an angle. Start with placing flowers upright in the center and then place the rest in an angle. And as you go around the periphery the flowers should be 180 degree. Think of it as protractor. The idea is to have a beautiful semi circle shape. P.s. if ya don’t know what a protractor is, you should like…i dont know…back to school you go. Haha.

To keep track and also decide the center of the arrangement, we add a needle and a thread. In between adding flowers just hang the arrangement by the thread and take a good 360 look at it from distance. If its balanced, you are doing it right.

The Trick is to start adding flowers at a distance from the center. Go all the way towards the periphery and then add the best flowers in the center. Foliage goes at the periphery and a few also goes in between flowers

Once you are done adding your base flowers (purple ones for me) add your accent flowers. Keep the lengths of your accent flowers slightly longer than the base flowers. Say about 3″ more of stem. Add them carefully and take a good look for gaps. In case you find any, add base flowers to balance.

Lastly, add your foliage or greens. This will be added to the outer rim of the florist’s foam and also in the center- scantily in the center and more around the rim.

Always keep the length of this slightly larger than your accent flowers so it can add volume. If you keep it at same lengths to that of your accent flowers you won’t get dimension is all.

Lastly, pull the thread out and keep your floral arrangement where you please. Add a bit of water everyday to the foam so your flowers stay fresh.

Tada! You’re done!

So tell me, what kind of dessert bowl floral arrangement would you do? And before I forget, here are the links to my favorite dessert bowls as promised:

This Blue and White dessert bowl by Chumbak

This beautiful indigo bowl by world Art Community

This bamboo fiber wabi sabi dessert bowl

This modern bowl by Ware Innovations


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