I love breakfast nooks, corner seats and benches. I love to carve out a slice of space or use up a niche and make the most of cute enclosures that fills you with a sense of warmth. It’s like a hug from the house, when I find a corner where I can unwind. And, obviously I have some 30 pins saved under, breakfast nooks, corner seats and benches in my saved section of Pinterest. Ttoday, I am taking you to 10 corners, one of which, I, someday, wish to recreate in my home.

The Scrivano house from Fixer upper (it’s on HGTV) had this corner in the most restraint and yet cheerful grey wainscoting, checkered floors, and gold accents that somehow just works for me. Every single thing works for me. Also, its high time we started painting trims in colors other than an ugly shade of brown.

A cozy, moody, informal corner seating arrangement that is perfect to gather around, with friends and coffee. Specially if its set in a spot that sees the setting sun! Or the rising sun!

The other, a nook – functional, simple and yet- stunning, perfect for rooms where people like to chill out with a few books! Both from StudioMcGee.

I have lived in tiny studio apartments for a very long time and I have a special place in my heart for tiny seating arrangements. This little corner seat reminds us of our first home together as husband and wife. Ofcourse, our apartment didn’t have this gorgeous window but it was a window nonetheless. Via Jess Keys

Deep, dark, romantic, moody and personal. This is where you’d write your first book…you know what I mean? This special! Via Heidi Caillier Designs found here on pinterest

So country, so happy, and what a stunner is that suspended shelf! Absolutely love the iron pedestal table too. Via Town and Country Living, sharing Melissa Mathe Interior Design, LLC.

When we say breakfast nook, we generally migrate towards a window. Or somewhere near the kitchen. Truth is, any place can turn into a fab breakfast nook. This stair landing for example! Via Elsie Green

Designer Gesa Hansen’s restaurant-Inspired rustic kitchen in the French countryside was on New York Times. Which I couldn’t read because it was behind a paywall. But hello internet! Did a little scooping and found out that the tables and chairs came straight from Gesa’s childhood home. Her dad bought them off a German pub! Oh. The charm of it all! Via NYTimes

Once upon a time, I used to detest this blue. But I guess I am a changed woman afterall. Love everything about this serene and yet colorful grand millennial breakfast nook! Via Desire To Inspire

Does a breakfast nook necessarily have to have traditional tables, chairs and lights and the works? Well, nope. When you have about 450 sqft all in all, like Annie Butler you need to get creative! Love how she uses up a window ledge as a cafe style nook. Via A Beautiful Mess

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