I enjoy being an adult. I enjoy deciding what to eat, how fancy I am going to make pouring my whiskey look like, or how many cats I want to rescue. I love that I don’t go to school, I don’t have to worry about exams and if given a choice, I would never go back to my childhood because it was blah. I mean it was great and all but I always had a mind of my own and that landed me in trouble. I was very homedecor inclined from a very young age and my mother won’t let me use anything nice because “they’d get dirty”. I also love the fact that I am not sharing rooms with anyone or have to see an entire lifecycle of “kala chana” right infront of my eyes, in my kitchen- from dried to plump to sprouts to plants and then dead as Chengiz under Mongolian snow.

I had my time drinking straight out of a wine bottle- and probably will if I am drinking in the great outdoors- and admiring a very colorful bedsheet from Anjuna beach but its time. It’s time to adult, if not grow up!

Here are 3 things to have at home to sort of, you know, do adulting right

A whiskey/wine pourer with aerator– I love it. It makes pouring wine or making a drink look so fancy. This is instant feel good factor. Like hey, I would get drunk but I’ll have my pearls on now! Such a mood lifter. Find here

A cheese board with space for wine glass– I still serve chips (because I cannot imagine a life without chips and a drink) but I also serve olives, salami, one fruit and some nuts. With a dip. And in a nice little tray with its own pedestal and slits for wine glasses to rest. Yes, thank you. Just adulting you know. Find here

Yes, hello demitasse spoons– If I serve coffee or tea, I make sure to add one of these by the side of the saucer. Haha, for my own kicks. And people love it. It’s a handy addition if you want to add a bit more sugar or spoon the froth in your cappuccino or even eat dessert out of a small cup. Demitasse spoons are smaller than teaspoons so its perfect to rest on a saucer. You can also serve these to stir cocktails. Works just fine. Find here

These are also great gift options. Considering Rakhi is near, you might want to take a look. You know, just saying. From one adult to another because cash is no fun! Haha.

Righto! Off

One thought on “3 cute things to have in your home to prove you are now indeed an adult”

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