Now here’s the thing. If you ever asked me to pick between two gorgeous lace tablecloths, in the exact same color, I’d mostly pick both. Not a chance in this life that I will leave one behind. And that alone should give you a fair idea about how much I love lace as a fabric. I am always on the look out for good lace tablecloths and it was delightful to find two gorgeous pieces at TheFeelGoodStudio- after a very long time! The last good lace tablecloth I bought was in Darjeeling- from a woman near the mall road. 2017-18 perhaps? Who knows. Which of course I still use!

Btw, do you know what makes a fabulous table cloth?

Something that is not too distracting and yet add loads of charm to your table. Take a look at the best tables on Pinterest and design books and you’ll see how linen and lace in solids are often used to build up a fabulous table because they form the perfect background for the colourful food, decor and conversation that the evening is to see. And yet, eventhough it is in the background, it cannot be shabby. Think of it like this- would you be able to make a great cake if only your frosting was right?

Tablecloths are binders. It ties the entire room to the decor and food and therefore is an integral part of home decor. Especially during the holidays when you will have lots of friends and family over for dinner and drinks.

Now you can tell me this is all a bunch of fiddlesticks but from the where I come and what I do, this is as important as a good rug! And that’s very, very important.

Lets see the two variants that are rocking our boat and are perfect for your holiday table

Dark & Moody

There is something about dark and moody holiday decor that totally transports me. Hot tea, lots of evergreen, handmade wreaths and all the cuddly, december-y winter-y feels. And I love dark and moody just as much as I love bright and airy. If your decor is scandi or eclectic and you’re looking for a great table cloth that is perfect for entertaining, I’d say this is your bet. Gorgeous lace, beautiful trim details and sooooo elegant!

Ugh!!! Just cannot get over it! Imagine a tablescape of winter green and citrus. Pair it with deep maroons and you are in moody holiday paradise. Find the Dusky Tablecloth here

Bright and Dreamy

A style you all associate me with without any difficulty, there is nothing more beautiful than a fabulous white lace tablecloth when you are looking for that perfect holiday tablescape. From breakfast plans to dinner, it does it all with grace. Also, very forgiving.

Whether you choose to display your kitschy, vintage collectibles or just add regular, everyday serveware – this is that one staple you’d like to have in your table linen wardrobe.

Needless mentioning, the details are stunning! You can find the Snow Flake tablecloth here

Haha, I think they are also named very aptly- The Feel Good Studio. These lace tablecloths surely makes me feel elated. Also because they come from a small and upcoming business, are women led and is a business with a heart.

About The Feel Good Studio

The Feel Good Studio is a small homegrown business which specialises¬†in custom everyday fashion and affordable home decor. Where most brands have standard sizes and products (oh, hey, brand building and all that) The Feel Good Studio believes in giving women a sense of fashion freedom wherein, there is no pressure on them to fit into a dress. Rather, TFGS’ whole USP is based on the feel good part – where women can feel absolutely special in a dress that’s tailored for them.

As for homedecor, I personally think that feel good factor comes from the price tag for most of us and that’s where these ladies are killing it. Everything in The Feel Good Studio is affordable, is quality checked and for every sale they plant a sapling! You’ll find pure copperware, cushion covers in multiple sizes to choose from (custom sizes possible too), traditional handmade rope seating, personalised aprons, dress material,¬† premium handloom bed covers, night suits, washable rugs and now table linen. They also re-use a lot of scrap fabric to make little collectibles and I love that!

If you are reading this blog, go give the good ladies a follow and a holler. As for me, I will go make some tea and order a set of lace tablecloths for my sister who I know will really appreciate this!

cheers to great tablecloths, good life and the few good women who are hustling it out there to get us the best.

Happy Friday!

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