Kitshcy Christmas serveware, keepsakes and finds that you will want in your life right now. Unless of course you are a grinch, in which case we really can’t help you. With practically anything. Please go on and continue to sulk. Collect your tears in a big black bowl.

For the likes of us however, who are nauseatingly happy about everything Christmas- now mind you faith or religion has no bearing on us- this list is for you. To secretly look at it and slither back into the alleys of nostalgia where Christmas meant a huge plumcake from Monginis, scrawny tinsel trees, little decor pieces on your “side tables” but chiefly restricted to the living room side tables only and constantly checking below the (scrawny) tree if Santa has arrived. Sometimes Santa kept stuff beside my pillow sometimes- sometimes (actually, just once) it was a jacket- but the excitement was so huge that the gift hardly ever mattered. The red motif cups and bowls would come out from the bed on Christmas morning and my mum would make oats and sell it to us as porridge that goldie locks ate with the three bears. I hated oats as a child (which I love now) and yet that red and white serve ware association anchored so strongly that if my own set doesn’t come out of the bed in December, it’s only half the Christmas.

My uncle started the tradition of Christmas in our home when I was one (haha! ONE) and my mom carried on with the tradition until we grew up which is probably 18! And yet, every Christmas we would exchange gifts- the last decade however saw a role reversal where the hat was passed onto to me. Last Christmas she wanted boss woman by Hugo Boss and probably the last gift I’d ever give her. Anyway…

Through out the winter months, my dad would come home from work with monginis fruitcake as if to hold on to the spirit of Christmas, and we would assemble at evening time and have tea and cake, while the silver tinsel wreath on my study table would sparkle in the study lamp’s light! It was the most wonderful time of the year and life!

So yes, I am talking Christmas keepsakes and serveware from a time like that. Simpler times. When they made me a star in a school play and I was absolutely okay with the script.

A kitchy Christmas! Filled with sheer nostalgia

And here are our top picks to instil a bit of vintage and retro in your Christmas decor but hey, do it responsibly! Haha, overdo and they can be quite a sight (not a good one). My recco would be mix certain elements with your existing decor to give it a more subdued, modern spin but hey- you do you. you want to do all tinsel and 50 reindeers, so be it! It is the season to be jolly and you choose your own jolly!


Vintage Mint metal storage Tin- Buy Here

Santa Metal Tray- Buy Here

Embroidered Table Linen- Buy Here

Reindeer Cushion- Buy Here

Christmas car bootbrusher mat – Buy Here

Vintage Baubles – Buy Here

Santa Candle- Buy Here

Reindeer statue- Buy Here

Large Caribou- Buy Here

Cloth Tree Skirt – Buy Here

Christmas Train- Buy Here

Train Tree ornament- Buy Here

Deer and Snow LanternBuy Here

Music Box- Buy Here

Kitschy Christmas Sweater- Buy Here

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