What’s with these beautiful tropical pieces by Chumbak that instantly puts me to vacay mode? And here I am, sitting square in the middle Navi-Mumbai dreaming of gliding through a jungle of philodendrons that has been brushed by a splash of a fashionable little tropical shower. Did they tell you that being a home decor blogger has its own disadvantages?

Oh, how oh how will I concentrate on anything wordly, real and practical when I am to dabble with sweet designs that bring in instant vacation in my living room? Add a hopeless romantic to the aforesaid scenario and you have a recipe for dreamy disasters.

But you know what? A thousand such reverie than one hour of real and I’ll take it. You? Also, practically speaking, if you want to get in these tropical pieces I styled with to your room, just hover on the image. You’ll see tiny tags that’ll take you straight to the buying link. You know, when you wake up and all…and things get real!

My love for big leaf and monstera is never ending and when Chumbak shared their catalogue with me, early this year, I couldn’t help but go all cuckoo over it. Look at those darling little prints on the dinnerware. While they make the most perfect serving plates, I would- being me- hang them right up on my gallery. Flanked with a few real plants in dreamy macrame and a few brights, your home could totally bask in the Jungalow glow this summer.

Totally snagging the pitcher off the counter and perhaps a serving tray as well. The best part about the tropical line is you could style them with neutrals and natural materials just as effectively as you can with pop art and summer brights. Because my home dons oodles of white I styled them with a few fresh lillies, a touch of pale green and a few bursts of yellow for our “Summer Sunday” party, which had fresh fruit salad and a lovely sassy water on the menu.

Are you judging me from there? For being a blasted health freak? Oh dont do that. Believe me this is way cooler than your carbonated bevs. For real.

When I shot for Chumbak last Diwali, I made a lovely naked layered cake with flavours inspired by Indian Mithai, but a lot has changed around here since then. By some magic I discovered the power of eating healthy and I am constantly getting drawn towards eating clean as I am seeing the benefits of it- on my mood, hair and skin- every day. So to keep with our clean motto, we did a sweet salad and sassy water- a tasty, fruit and herb infused potion that helps you detox and hydrate, all at the same time.

What’s sassy water? Think of it as flavoured water but its full of nutrients and vitamins. Shame that all these years I opted for soda and carbonated bev as opposed to these simple recipes that actually is good for you. So if you are planning a party this summer, note down this sassy water recipe that’s an ideal coolant for a hot summer arvo and will rejuvenate you from within unlike the empty sugars that only create false energy and empty calories. {dear god, who is this? Who is talking here? Not me}

Tropical Sassy Water Recipe

Water: 5 liters
Mint: 1/2 bunch
Lemon slices: 5-6
Watermelon, diced: 1 cup
Cucumber Slices: 10

Mix it all up and rest for an hour before serving. You could subtract water melon and cucumber and try strawberry and basil too. Or for a real tropical flavour, some pineapple and mango with a sprig of mint. They all work well and tastes amazing. For our fruit salad, we mixed up balls of water melon {scoop it with a baller}, papaya, banana and dragon fruit. We dressed it up with some honey but you could serve fresh cream with a touch of cinnamon.

And now, let’s close our eyes, think of the sea and get lost in Paradise.

I dressed up our day bed with the “Lost in paradise” cushion and “tropical frame of mind” cushion from Chumbak’s tropical line and the colours played up to a dreamy affair. As for the other side of my tiny apartment, I dressed the sofabed up {which is a dark charcoal} with bright “tropical paradise” cushions and “life goals” wall clock that wakes me up each day with a crazy cool message: Eat well, travel often. Isn’t that something I want to do now! Isnt that something I want to do.

Oh, and please, as you are here do not forget to check the adorable suitcase please. I used it to hold my succulent for a vignette. Why did you do that? Like use a case as a plant holder? Well, You know for times when you want to carry your tropical with you!

Gosh, I need a vacation like right now. What is this sorcery? All this talk of the tropic got me heady as a good wine would and Chumbak, you have some serious explaining to do. When is a good time to catch up?

Under the philodendron, at 12 sounds good.

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  1. Haha its so fun to read you ..n im completely adoring your new home..i mean ur tropical home n not to forget ur sofa bed..💕

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