If there is one piece of home appliance that does the horse’s share of work in summertime- or all round the year for us Mumbai folks- it’s the ceiling fan. It’s just about essential to us as our first cup of garam masala chai and good thing is, when chosen right, it can rightly define and enhance the look of your room. And I am not just saying that.

Today, we have partnered with Signature Fans from Luminous and its High speed Ceiling Fans to showcase the effectiveness of a beautiful ceiling fan in home décor and why you should never underestimate the value of ceiling fans as decorative elements.

But before that, a little about High speed Signature Fans from Luminous and how #MakeInIndia ran through its veins even before the trend started

To start with, Luminous Power Technologies is an Indian brand with a wide range of innovative products in the power backup, home electrical and residential solar space that covers, inverters Batteries, Solar solutions to home electricals offerings such as Fans, Modular Switches and LED lighting. Passionate innovators that they are, Luminous has been offering energy efficient and sustainable solutions for everyday life for decades and they bring in global ideas in a true local make and price.

And… their signature range of ceilings fans are quite good looking.

January 2020 was Trumatter style going back to its traditional, old world charm décor roots and I was looking at swapping the bedroom fan, and when I chanced upon the signature range of ceilings fans I instantly fell in love with their London variant. We got talking and I ideally wanted to shoot with the fans in our apartment, but unfortunately because we cannot do it, given the times, we got the team to do a fab photoshop for demo purposes.

This whole incident also made me realize how we, unquestionably settle for simple ceiling fans when it could be so much more! And most importantly, when it has already gone leaps ahead and we are still waking up in the middle of the night to change the fan speed. I mean, this amazing looking ceiling fan named after Big Ben, has a remote control and the tallest LED chandelier! Haha, basically we needed to up our ceiling fan game and its time.

So without much further ado, here’s how a ceiling fan can change the entire look of your home

and here’s how to choose a good one for your room and style! Let’s look up.

Transitional ceiling fans for homes that mix old and new

If old world sophistication is your thing, this transitional ceiling fan is just the thing you want. Modern blades and finish and a cascading chandelier makes the London Big Ben in British beige a very balanced piece for a home that mixes equal parts old and new with a side of romantic whimsy. Which is basically my home.

A slice of Manhattan Monochrome for ultra modern homes

If modern, minimal and clean lines are your thing, get a ceiling fan that either subtly blends or offers maximum contrast. A black fan with etched lights or a steel ceiling fan can look really pretty in these settings. We did a little photoshop with a steel variant to show you in the next image as well! The NY Manhattan Night Sky creates a beautiful speckled night sky effect  on the ceiling when the lights are out which is reminiscent of the Manhattan city line perhaps.

The NY Manhattan Steel Variant looks subtle and elegant in the very same space and you can compare the two looks here.

A bit of Hudson wind for homes with breezy décor and natural elements

With décor in earthy tones and natural elements, a ceiling fan in shade of brown does wonders. And you can choose from cocoa to bronze- depending on the rest of the décor of your home. Absolutely love the Signature Hudson fans that are simple, modern and adds the right palette to an otherwise plain ceiling space.

A bit of Jaipur opulence for ornate, India inspired homes

Now, I truly wish I had the space to style this and show you all how it looks but unfortunately I don’t. So I am borrowing an image from the website itself.

Inspired by the artistic interiors of palaces in Jaipur, the Jaipur Mahal in Thar gold exudes elegance. We love its tan variant as well as well as the Mount Abu inspired filigreed black ceiling fan named Ghoomar that is truly reminiscent of what the place is known for- beautiful lakes and oxidized silver.

A vibrant fan for an artistic, eclectic home!

Ola! Como Vai Voce? The vibrancy of culture comes alive in the Rio inspired Signature fans from Luminous and they truly defy convention. I particularly LOVE the Rio carnival Azul Aqua that with its Sandy finish on motor ring and blades, inspired by the sandy beaches of Rio. And the splendid azul green to flank reminds me to look up! It’s fun, it’s elegant and it adds just the right amount of whimsy to your ceiling! See for yourself

My God, I was sooooo carried away weighing the right fan and it was such an amazing process to see how by simply changing the ceiling fan the whole look of a room changed considerably. Once the shipping is on, the Hudson is coming in for sure but for now I have mouths to feed. Literally!

The day is rolling and I must get to do our lunch and as for you, spare a few minutes and consider a good Indian high speed fan for your home, that’s truly made in India. I stress on India because love, GDP. Insert a wink and also a dollop of atmasamman!

This post was sponsored by Signature Fans from Luminous but the opinions are my own. As it should be.

Good day to you

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