Miniso. When a friend introduced me to Miniso last year in December, I kind of fell from the sky. Or water reservoir. Whatever keeps me alive. There is a Japanese lifestyle store here in Mumbai? A Japaneseeee japanese lifestyle store? Like really soothing colours and minimal sort of Japanese store? and since then it’d been on my list to walk the aisles of the store that people are camping outside. Took me 2 months but made it alright!

Here are my favourite buys from Miniso India

that are not just stuff you will buy to make your home look pretty but are super useful if you are thinking small space and storage.

Fabric Boxes

Storage boxes: For the longest time in my life, my cupboard was a nightmare. You’d open the doors and clothes would keep thmbling down at ya like a beautiful young river. Just that the experience was anything but that of a young river crashing at rocks. And ofcourse, there was frustration. Of not finding things quickly. It was a classic mess. While over the years I learnt to arrange them, it was still a problem because you can’t see zilch of what’s behind one pile. I knew I had to follow miss Kondo and box it all up but I wasn’t finding boxes that would a) look good and appeal to my aesthetic. b) Be large enough. At miniso, I found these which are perfect

Suction hooks with 3 kgs strength

In my bath, you cannot drill holes. Not because my landlord has a problem but the tiles are floor tiles on walls which chips away. In short, storage is an issue. I wanted a hook to hang my face essentiasls and this one did the job brilliantly. Now, I have tried suction hooks from hypercity before but they used to fall all the time. This one is a beauty. And so simple! No colour, no pattern, nothing.

Checkered tablecloth with lace trim

A simple, checkered table cloth will be so hard to find, who would have thunk. Everything you want simple these days seem to have a premium price tag attached and it’s sick. No, we want simple, graceful and we want it in a good price and for 299, this is a steal. There is a navy version I am eyeing as well! They also have matching aprons if you want to use it as a prop. Haha, this goes out to my lovely food bloggers.

Cute as buttons kitchen hooks

Hang your colanders or kitchen essentials or anything upto a kilo! These button hooks are well, cute as buttons. I think they are 190 for 3 and are brilliant at little over 62 bucks. Do check the hook section in Miniso. It’s a find.

Sweet Pea & Jasmine Candle

So good! Not exceptional to be honest, but it’s a great buy for a couple of hundreds. Smells fresh, musky and with heavy jasmine notes, this is great for your study or bedside table. I am yet to light it!

And that brings us to the end of the list of our Miniso haul and I couldn’t have been happier to part with my feeble wad of cash which I generally spend carefully. But the fact that I want to go again is kinda dangerous because this instant Seratonin spike can be very addictive.

No wonder people are camping outside, this stuff is dope alright!


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