To begin with, Pinterest has been my one true social media platform love. Unlike the lot that constantly wants your time and effort, and gives back very little in terms of real learning, Pinterest stands as a digital library where you can browse on a topic you like. And taking a notch further, it suggests you something you are interested in!

So, yeah, a round of applause for the relevant search feature. If you are already miffed by the constant inflow of content that you have nothing to do about on your screen, you’ll find this extremely comforting. Because frankly I didn’t sign up for a new baba on the block, jalebi recipe or a thousand thars doing really odd stuff on a drake and Punjabi remix. I like home decor and I should be seeing that. Pinterest’s search is what I live for. If you look for “exposed wood, farmhouse style bed” that is exactly you will see. You can click on a photo with a slight deviation and scroll down at a thousand other beautiful photos of the similar kind, possibly with the deviation that you chose. And just that.

So I want to encourage that. And hence, introducing, Pinterest showstoppers that lists down what we saved in our boards, and accounts you will absolutely love! If you love homedecor and gardening that is!

This week, our Pinterest showstoppers is all about great bedrooms!

Of course if you follow me on instagram, you would know we re-painted our bedroom recently and I have been doing my diligence for a few weeks now. Haha, or should I say, “board-ing” for a few weeks!

I am generally drawn towards romantic, neutral bedroom with a bit of vintage and rustic thrown in and these bedrooms completely rocked my boat. Thought I’d share what inspired me to re-do our space.

I had to stop for a minute to soak it all in, this house is that gorgeous. Tammy blogs at denmarkcottage and documents her beautiful work and life in her blog, and I found her on Pinterest while looking for bedroom inspirations.

Im a big fan of a study/utility table in the bedroom, and this corner totally takes me in. The gorgeous polished wood, wicker, the pale slate blue – everything is gorgeous in here. Found it via SincerelyMarieDesigns on pinterest.

As much as I am a fan of the French country and neo classical French style, I am an admirer of the Gustavian style. Simple, clean lines with lots of details, opulence in muted colors, large mirrors, gilded frames, crystals and yet, every bit informal. Images via Thisisglamorous and onmogul, suggested by Pinterest.

Surely you know about my obsession with country farmhouse decor and these stopped me while scrolling for sure. Love the easy, breezy decor, the chintz, old iron and wood – basically everything! Via TheWildDecoelis

Now, I am not a big fan of cottage core but if it’s a new cottage core, with a bit of an Indie-Gypsy-Nonchalance I will take it! Via SheHoldsDearly

Next week, I will be back with more pinterest inspirations, and meanwhile you can follow our bedroom board here

Toodles, Rukmini

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