The modulars at IKEA. Everything you see in here can be found in the store itself.

IKEA is coming to India. It’s official. Last week we flew to Sweden to experience IKEA Democratic Design days where IKEA unveiled their latest designs for FY18 and can I tell you that I am floored. More so, because we will be able to grab them right here in India. Oh happy days!

There was a lot of hubbub regarding this though as to whether or not the Swedish furniture giant will first open its store in Mumbai. But looks like Mumbai will have to wait for a while as its first store is going to be in Hyderabad. Yes, I know. It’s not Mumbai. Haha, what a tease, isn’t it? But Mumbai is definitely on cards and it should be functional by mid next year. And if that looks all a bit too long, remember it’s not Australia or Sweden or begging at the old friend’s chicken feet anymore {though they wouldn’t mind, and you’ll only ask the closest}. Until IKEA is here, I can live with Hyderabad. Fly down, meet George, have hyderabadi biryani, buy Ikea, fly back. Not a bad deal at all!

Inside IKEA of Sweden, the Ingefara planters by designer Ann Carin Wiktorsson

Actually, wait up. IKEA is coming to India? Wuhoo. It’s finally seeping in and that alone is making up for a lot of happy news, bundled into one. Finally, we will get amazing furniture, pretty serveware, thoughtfully designed storage that does not look ugly and softest dream bedding sans the shipping. We will also get amazing bathroom and bedroom hardware, lighting options that makes you go mad, and gardening supplies which are not black plastic pots. Who is going loony here?

But then you’d be like so what’s new in IKEA? We get it even now

And I’ll be like, oh but all under one roof. And I’ll also be like, “God knows this stuff is good” and I challenge you to buy just one. We will finally have an outfit where I can close my eyes and shop without running the risk of buying 1 single thing weird. Simple, minimal Swedish design sensibilities etched in international forms ready for an India which is hungry for new. In short, our appetite for global lifestyle products will finally be whetted and will look a lot cheaper. And that’ll be amazing because a lot of people will have access to oodles of good looking stuff for less, making all of our homes look not just pretty, but functionally pretty. I am very, very excited.

The bathroom supplies on the Second floor. Oh lord! The tiles, the freestanding tub and everything else

Oh yeah! Perhaps bathtubs will be more common place and I’ll get a free standing one to soak away the blues. Seriously, this will be revolutionary. The hunt and hours of online research will finally come to an end. Buying something nice here in India means hours of internet time. Start searching from Amazon, try a number of keywords and hope that you land somewhere which keeps pretty things without slapping a grenade in your face. And pocket. There is a fight for finding classy, minimalist products and it will finally see truce. And, we will have choice in it too!

Who else is clapping with me right now? I think I was lost for a good hour at the museum

Look at these. I mean just look. The bowl was for 16 SEK which was some 300 bucks. Why wouldn’t you feel deprived that IKEA was not here. Absolutely loved each product in IKEA and they promise to get the same range here in India just as it is in Sweden or USA. And that’s amazing. Often, when we get products here in India we see a sacrifice owing to Indian market. IKEA will bring its global range here- no cuts there.

Inside the actual store, Ikea, Almhult. I wanted to buy everything.

Many would question, however, as to whether or not this kind of minimal aesthetic will work in the Indian market. You know what I think? Firstly, IKEA is not just minimal, it’s got a wide range of products that’ll see use in both minimal and maximal homes. And secondly, it will work beautifully. It’s true that India is known for its colourful, detail laden, rich and plush decor and aesthetics but that’s only a section of it. A lot of us are infusing traditional Indian homes with global products and aesthetics and are opening up to minimal, whites and neutrals. We are doing away with clutter and chaos and embracing open areas. I think it’s a wonderful time for IKEA to come on over and complete the transformation for us. More than the brand adapting to Indian ethos, we are now ready to adapt global design sensibilities, and that’s a great thing.

Inside store, Ikea, Almhult. Those gardening supplies tho!

So what ranges will we see here in India and globally for IKEA FY 18? Coming up on next blog are designs and designers who will lace the aisles of IKEA and we will be able to grab them in INR. For now, I am doing a happy dance because the Pokal glasses will be in store. I will not have to DIY them at home.
Oh, we’ve come a long way and IKEA was just what we needed here.

7 thoughts on “Stuff We Love: IKEA. And it’s coming to India”

  1. I grew up with IKEA furnitures, I furnished my first grown up pad with them. In Switzerland going to IKEA to furnish you first adult home is practically an initiation rite. Then before you know it you find yourself looking forward to the free delivery of their annual catalogue and earmark pages and recalculate your budget to get the new cute stuff they come up every year.

    Then I moved to India in 2003 and BAM no IKEA, no elegant storage solution, no minimalist tableware, cute lamps, candle sticks and lanterns or affordable quality soft furnishing….argh!

    I’ve been waiting all these years for IKEA, and I can’t wait for the Mumbai store to open because let’s face it, a trip to Hyderabad might leave me frustrated because I am pretty sure I would run into luggage weight and size restriction flying all that stuff back to Mumbai.

    1. Hahahahahahahahaha, oh dear! Well, I think we will drive down then. Just about 700 kms. Fill the trunk and drive back. I know what you mean by “initiation rite”. When I did up my apartment, I begged people to get me some minimalist stuff from Ikea. I am not a big fan of weird storage and I’ve had a long row with life about this one. So happy to have them here in India.

  2. Yay so glad someone else is as happy about IKEA in India as I am . Huge Huge fan here , my husband claims that I have made him visit all IKEA stores across the world . Looking at my home ( especially my kids room ) that might be tiny bit true though 🙂

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