Where can you find cozy, vintage style lights here in India? You’ll find them in Decor de Maison.
And the word literally means home decor! How cool right? Decor de Maison is an Indian outfit that manufactures gorgeous vintage style, solid brass lamps- wall, table and floor- and their designs are to die for! By far Decor de Maison has been only exporting, and opened their products to the Indian market recently. Guess what? I’d count it as a blessing! Because I don’t have 400 USD to spare for shipping!

I found Decor de Maison on Amazon and wrote to Danyal on instagram, with a solid 50% chance of rotting in the DM. Hahaha, but lovely that he is, he responded super quick and our discussion took a fine turn to this collab. Good for us because not everyday a girl finds her dream vintage style lamp at a price that’s also dreamlike, right here in India right? These things need to be noted.

But then again, sometimes what you see and what you get has such a huge disparity that I had to wait till I got them to write this blog. Happy to report that the quality is absolutely fantastic. Heavy and robust and with all the qualities of a good table lamp that you can perhaps pass on to your gen next. This is not the flimsy kind. This is the kind my grandmother would call “Jobda”. Haha, which means strong and robust!

In short, absolutely stunners at a very good price. You can get in touch with Danyal at 9997756785 or visit their amazon store here. to see and buy the lamps.

Actually its very unlike me to start a blog like this innit?

Haha. Really though, its me. It’s very much me. And I am still an agent of long runny sentences and long form content with 15 page digression. It’s just that this thought suddenly dawned upon me that what if someone reaches this page from google with an intention of buying vintage lamps and has only 43 seconds to spare? You know, a quick smoke or loo break? They should be able to find it and go back to their desk in peace right? I think the reason why most people don’t like to read blogs is because most are in a hurry. There is nothing wrong with long form content but perhaps the placement of our words are wrong. Maybe I can indulge the readers after the info? That way everyone is happy?

What do you reckon? Why do you read blogs or don’t read them?

Tell me in the comments section!

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