We know IKEA. We love IKEA. And that is exactly why I have to tell this to you before getting onto the list. I’ll tell you simply and in so many words. A better home makes life better. A home that’s comfortable, organized and functional, where one doesn’t have to struggle everyday with everything to make day to day life smooth is a great home and it affects you positively. It reduces frustrations, allows you to spend more time with your loved ones by making chores easier, and you are always happy to come home to a clean, clutter free, organized place.

This is where good design comes in and this is also where IKEA truly shines.

The colander example

I have 4 colanders and I never quite realized that it can be made better. You know…one that sits snug in a sink, can be brought under the tap and many things can be washed hands free, at the same time? Even if there are some utensils in the sink? And of course it can be used to wash small things quickly and kept in to dry, without occupying counter space, without the colander coming in anyone’ss way! Flat surface = better drainage= no fear of utensils falling either. It also looks quite swell with its cute, warm grey – you know incase you forget it in the sink itself!

In short, I was amazed how one simple design change made a colander multipurpose, far more ergonomic and well, certainly beautiful! Could I have done the same job with a round colander. Yes. I would have had to keep it in the sink or hold it in a hand and wash veggies (not a great idea for someone who suffers from CTS). But is this far better? A YES in caps.

These little challenges that we face everyday can make our life at home quite unhappy. Wobbly tables where things fall constantly, heaps of things with no designated space creating clutter, un-organized spaces, no space to keep your cellphone or an ugly black contraption that adds no value otherwise- they all affect us negatively. From visual unrest it becomes a case of mental unrest and you carry that unrest everywhere! Haha. That was me. Before I learnt how to get organized.

On the contrary, an organized, ergonomic home can positively affect our mood, thereby our mental health. If you have a key holder at the right place, you will always find the key. If your table doesn’t wobble, nothing will ever fall.

I recently took a trip to IKEA Mumbai to buy a table and a cupboard, but came home with 20 other things that are making my life better- every single day. From mobile holders to mops, from colanders to cleaners- this list has it all.

Linking you all to things I bought. This post is not a promotion. These are not affiliate links. I will earn nothing but trust if you buy 🙂

10 great things to buy from IKEA

The YUPPIENALLE mobile holder– Use it as a key chain, in turn always have a mobile stand handy for meetings or movies on the go!

The GRUNDVATTNET colander– Use it as a colander or as a tray for draining dishes to free up space on the worktop

The HALLBAR bins – Sort different trash in different bags and turn trash to resources. Make compost, sell glass! More so, if you want, you can also get a support tray to hold the bins together.

The TISKEN range- Towel rack, brush holder and storage. All suction based. No need to drill holes. At all!

The SUMMERA drawer inserts – No more messy drawers! Add this to your drawers, find things in a jiffy!

The BEVARA Sealing clips- Haha, Cut, freeze, do the lot. And they come in multiple sizes. Also great for tying hair!

The VESKEN slim trolley- Want to utilize that really small space between your wall and the fridge? This. Take this.

The most amazing POKAL glasses- Why will a glass qualify in this category? Because water, beer, milkshake or a tall cocktail- everything can go in one glass. Plus 350 ml water ready at your disposal means you are always hydrated.

The slim PEPPRIG mop- that stands so elegant you wont even know there is a bloody “pocha” in the room. Plus, microfiber which cleans better and also you can buy the cleaning pads separately.

The SLIBB spot cleaner brush – This alone helps me keep white things white because mostly its just quick spot cleaning!

What do you love from IKEA?

Got a favorite? Tell me. I would love to know which product really made your life better at home! In the comments section please!

Cheers and goodnight!


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