Once in a while you chance upon a mountain home that takes your breath away! You know, a property you really want to look at, see, feel and talk about? Because it’s so much more than just a conceptualized building? Last Friday afternoon, I was reading through the brochure of Amila Hills and I kind of got that #trumatter vibe oozing through every single page of its brochure.

I am beach cottage kinda girl and it’ll have to take a lot for a mountain home to make me like it and Amila Hills just effortlessly did it. I generally hardly talk about properties here but I think I should start because like me, you might just love to feast your eyes upon these gorgeous mountain homes which you might consider for living or staycation- and not have to rely on apps to tell you where to live. Should I? What do you say? In the comments you spraken.

Anyway, coming back to the point, Amila Hills mountain homes just took my breath away! I swear it did. Think an entire hill transformed to a gated community where you don’t have to compromise on anything; rather get the very best of both world- the facilities that we are so used to in a city coupled with the nuances and beauty of mountain living. How amazing would that be? Like, think modern, thoughtful sustainable designs that are good for both us and the nature to nstural trails that people from every walk could take pleasure walking or hiking in? Homes which offer a luxurious and stunning view of the mountains as you wake up in your plush bed and yet feel at home with the place thanks to using local wood and stone for construction. Its honestly, the very best of both worlds and it’ll so swell to create some mountain home #trumatterstyle. Sigh…look who just got carried away.

Oh, where are my manners! Hello lovely ladies and two gentlemen from Netherlands who have been following me forever now. How are you doing in your neck of woods. What’s cooking, what’s happening and how are you coping with this darned heat? I swear half of my skin has been char grilled already and I wish I was somewhere near the hills to pack my duffel and run away! It’s terrible here in Mumbai and Amila Hills’ brochure is giving me life right now.

It’s still to be launched so not much to show at this point in time but the very little that I can see is dowsed in nostalgia, and yet breaking every bit of it, much like Christina Tossi’s wonderful pastries. You know, I got to live in the hills of Kurseong for a while and our home, the time I’d spent in there never quite left my heart. My father built that bungalow (which will be then used by many civil engineers to come, and finally locked because of movement) when he was serving in PHE and was posted in Kurseong in 1975, a few years post my sister was born. It was not until 2001 though I got a chance to stay in there. That I used to actually wake up to a snow clad Kanchenjungha every morning and see that swirly sone river change colour throughout the day now feels like a surreal dream. Waking upto stunning views was so everyday; so simple, so beautiful that I didn’t realize I was living the best times of my life right there in that balcony. Amila Hills‘ brochure just brought all that memory back to life.

Totally eyeing this one {if i can ever afford} and I’ll find out a bit more about this in the coming days. Hang in there. Alternatively, you can check our their Facebook Page for updates.

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