Hi! I know. Long time. So, how have you all been? Baking and all? Can’t believe even January is coming to an end. Where is time going! I see my blog stat spike in a straight line the day I post and get all excited and promise to post one-something everyday, but by the time I post again, it’d have fulfilled its destiny to become a barely visible “dot”.

*Sigh*, guess whom I blame? To the fact that I don’t have a proper chair to sit and write, to the fact that I have not seen this particular movie and its coming on HBO and I must bot miss it, to the fact that working with laptop in my bed can affect me, to the fact that its only 11:00, I can start writing from 12- all sorts of Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes- if anyone reads ) like excuses. I have so much to write but I simply don’t. ‘Coz I am a lazy little bum. And just so you might know, I love creating a big deal out of nothing occasionally to avoid things; like make it seem like its some big problem. Haha, you know why? Because then, probably, I won’t have to do the chore or something that I so don’t want to do.  Yes, I am a mischievous little thing. But anyway.

Last night I thought, my home stopped smelling like a bakery and made myself some mocha-vanilla marble cakes. Easy as counting 1-2-3, the rich taste comes from vegetable oil that substitutes butter in this recipe. Being an editor of a food site (www.slurrpy.com) I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of talented chefs across the city and I learnt this trick from the pastry chef of Sugartooth confectioners. If you want volume in your cake, opt butter. But if you are looking for a rich cake or a pastry base, oil is your best friend.

Considering I’d love a bite with my morning coffee or with some ice cream as dessert, I chose oil. Believe me, the result is fantastic. This mocha-vanilla swirl cake, you can have anytime. Or at least I can and since I baked after sometime now, I had fun. Swirling and mixing, plus playing with the shutter speed and aperture and tripod.

I realized that I love photography as much as I love baking.  I can do this on end: Click photographs. Without procrastinating or even feeling tired. So I guess, this is what I really love to do or maybe its the genes! I’ll tell you about the gene part some other time. For now, here is the recipe!


Trumatter’s Dump and Go Mocha-Vanilla Swirl cake Recipe



All purpose flour: 1 cup

Instant roasted coffee powder: 2 teaspoon

Eggs: 2 large

Baking powder: 1 teaspoon

Sugar: 2/3rd cup

vegetable oil: 1 cup + 1 teaspoon (for greasing)

Vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon

Cold water: 2 teaspoon


You’ll need two bowls, one cup & two forks.

Beat eggs and sugar in a bowl. When creamy add vanilla.

Pour a cup of flour and sift it well with baking powder. Mix it to the bowl with egg and sugar mixture. Mix well and gradually fold in the oil.

Now divide the mixture into half (here comes another bowl)

Dissolve instant coffee powder in 2 teaspoon of water and mix it to one of the bowls. The batter will take on a beautiful coffee color at this point. Keep aside.

Grease a bundt pan with whatever medium you choose, and keep pouring the batters in alternate layers. I went head on with vanilla followed by coffee followed by vanilla and ending with coffee.

Now, with a butter knife, gently make your signature marble impression by cutting the knife through the batter. Go round and psy or   make “infinity” symbols or if you are like my sister, you can simply but gently cut criss-cross. Why I stress on “Gently”? because otherwise you will end up having a tasty, bad looking cake that will defy the purpose of separating it 😛

Now in a preheated oven (300) bake it for about 15 minutes and then for another 20 minutes in 180.

Slice and serve.


Have a great week ahead

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9 thoughts on “Trumatter’s Dump & Go Mocha-Vanilla Marble cake Recipe”

  1. ok, that looks so good! I love marble cake…well, I love cake. 🙂
    Keep doing what you love girl, you photos are fabulous and I am pretty sure by the looks of the cake you are an amazing baker. 🙂

  2. honey, i love your photography! take pics of cake all day. please! and i sincerely appreciate this tip about butter vs. vege oil. i care about this sort of thing. baking makes me very very happy because it always involves lovely smells and sharing, ya know? people walk in and go, WHAT IS THAAAAAT?

    smiles to you.


    1. Haha. Ah well! Thank you for your confidence in me Mich. I will take this seriously…I honestly will. 🙂 I am in your giveaway btw. Can’t wait for the result.

  3. Michelle is right – keep doing what you love. Take chances. Be open to possibilities. And who knows what may happen! (I am better at giving this advice than always doing it myself.) Cake looks good too. 🙂

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