_MG_7533Evening people! Yes, I have started populating this blog again- maybe because I finally realized that I’d never really make anything out of it ever! For sometime- I tried desperately to make money out of this, then thought I should change the name of the blog to RukminiRoy (plain and simple) and then stopped blogging altogether because I had conflicts with myself. What am I doing different, what am I doing that someone wants, what is my niche- etc etc.

What a hearty laugh I had the other day! I started blogging because I was bored and that I wanted to share with the world what I do. Whatever happened to that. So here I am blogging again and letting you in on my day to day, middle class life!

_MG_7547In my home- I cook. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We do those “takeaway” days too but not much. We prefer home cooked food as opposed to takeaways. But tackling it all together- a husband who has his breakfast at 7:55 am sharp, a job that needs reporting to at 9:30 and a whole lot that is common to every home and will unnecessarily occupy a lot of space ( laundry, supervision of the maid, whether there is grocery, meal plans etc.), is not at all easy.

In India, our meals are elaborate. May it be breakfast, lunch or dinner- a quintessential Indian meal would need atleast 5 different spices, 3 layers of processes and of course a chutney to go with it! We don’t do Indian breakfast at ours but we don’t do cereals and cornflakes either. I’d still do oatmeal porridge or two in a week- the husband wouldn’t touch a thing that’s sweet. Β It needs to be full of flavour, can be eaten in a hurry, should be tasty and should be savoury. That’s his ideal breakfast. In short- an egg pop is what he really enjoys!

_MG_7522When his sister introduced me to this special dish she learnt how to make from her mum in law- it had a very Indian flavor, which is great. My taste buds on the other hand cannot take the onion-green chili-egg combination. It somehow makes me very pukish. Hence, I tweaked it a bit with oregano, garlic spice mix and a bit of Cajun pepper.

Takes just 2 minutes to make, this is a tasty solution to your morning time crunch- you just need to throw things in and mix it well and fry them in a cast iron muffin pan. We get it here so I make it this way. If you don’t get the kind I am talking about, you can make it in a pan too and it’d be like a Frittata. And of course, its easy on the cook too!

Another, very important aspect of it that I like is- you can chop veggies and throw in the mixture to include some added health to it and the fussy veg eater wont know. I mean I have put chopped spinach and my husband hates spinach and he said its a great way to put spinach! Hence…

To the


You’ll need

2 eggs

3 slices of bread (or any bread in equivalent measure)

Oregano- 1/2 tsp

Garlic Bread Spice mix- 1/2 tsp

Veggies (if you want- thinly shredded)

Cajun pepper- 1/2 tsp

Pepper to taste.


In a bowl throw in all of the above and mix with a fork until well mixed.

Heat a cast iron skillet or a muffin pan. Pour 1/4th tsp of oil in each cup. If using a skillet- 1 tsp is enough.

Pour a spoonful of each in cup/ alternatively pour the entire mixture in the skillet

Cook covered on low heat for 2 minutes / each side.

Serve hot with ketchup

Image of cast iron pan that we use. Its called appyacha bhandi- a utensil for making appams.

You can see the pan too in the link!

Bon Appetit!

6 thoughts on “Super Easy Breakfast: Egg pops”

  1. Looks delish! I love that even you think Indian cooking is complex. I find it a lot of work but whenever I’m at an Indian friend’s home, they whirl around the kitchen making it seem so easy. Glad you’re back blogging. I have great confidence in your abilities.

    1. Oh, I find Indian very complex. I can and do whirl around the kitchen and cook complex Indian food but trust me, God knows I find it really difficult. There are so many flavors- sometime the main ingredient just gets lost in it.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence! πŸ™‚ I guess I’ll keep blogging now!

  2. Sounds delicious!

    Oh, by the way – I finally tried the Mumbai spice recipe you have up. I’ll have to blog about it, it was sooo good! Thank you πŸ™‚

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