img_3020My kitchen is a big mess.

There. I said it.

And I have no clue how it gets messy and why irrespective of me organizing it every month. I have two huge metal baskets to keep my utensils in, I can’t do anything permanent to a rented place, I’m losing track of where I am keeping things and its giving me the name of a bad wife. I am so not liking this.

There was a time I used to take pride in my art of organizing. Being busy cannot be an excuse for its the result we are looking at. Jesus Christ, what am I going to do? I am sitting on my bed looking at 100 small kitchen organizing photographs and none of them fits my kitchen plan. I am losing my spices, for taking out one casserole I need to topple the whole damn basket…..

…..This wife is so helpless. But not for long.

There is a plan in my head. If it works out well, this idiocracy is going to end forever.

IMG_0496These days I cannot paint anything! From the lead in paint, I ended up having an ugly allergy on my finger- it was really really serious even a day or two before. You know, I feel so frustrated, taken away from paint- much like men away from cricket or soccer. I crave to paint something in old white and I cannot.

My white paint

My white paint

Why are things suddenly so bad.

You must be so tired of me ranting out in here, aren’t you?

Maybe we should move to the sweeter part of things.


IMG_0502On a very hot afternoon, when you are home, you are frustrated with your kitchen and you cannot go out in the garden and paint a chair or two


Make yourself a low cal trifle and watch TiVi

Low Cal Trifle Recipe

Sponge cake of your choice- crumbled

Sweetened yogurt  with a drop or two of vanilla extract

Strawberry cut in slices


Put crumbled cake as the base layer

Slather sweetened vanilla low fat yogurt

Arrange strawberries on top

Repeat (If you like)

For me it was just one layer of each!!


Keep calm and eat Trifle


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