A quick and easy chicken starter/appetizer recipe, don’t sush me if I tell you that it literally takes 5 minutes to cook. Just throw in a couple of things, put it on simmer and forget it for 5-10 minutes. Talk that talk, appreciate your surrounding, clean your overtly clean bed or pat your dog. Once you are done with the trivialities of routine life, your delicious chicken will be ready. Which also means that it’s perfect for a midnight snack, a weeknight side or a mid week partay!

Simple, clean in flavors and bite sized, convenience is not the only reason what makes this chicken recipe so special. Apart from that and the fact that it’s George Kurien’s go-to chicken recipe, who is a great photographer with a cat and a great friend who gets me yummy green tea and chocolate macaroons from Japan (does that give anyone a clear picture of who he is and how? I thought so) it’s also Guy Food, da!

A lot of fine stuff we girls make gets them cringe their nose. It’s got crunch, its got texture, and yet it brings forth the comfort of a cheese burger. It takes 5 minutes to cook and yet every bite has that “yum” factor that make people lap it up clean.

On one of our hangouts which we fondly call “night maaro”, me and Ro was @ George’s with a couple of other friends, and I got the opportunity to be Georgette’s Sous Chef. Frankly, I was a bit skeptical (hey, I like skeptical- the word. It looks like Skrillex. No?) as to how will it come out. But man, can I tell you it was awesome. A bowl full of it vanished in less than 20 minutes.

There were also many hungry boys- especially one who finished the veg guy’s veg cheese pizza before pouncing on the dear bird. Talk about food-greed. Tch..Tch 🙂

To the recipe then:

Cubed chicken- About a cup

1tbsp butter

Capsicum- cubed/julienne- 1 cup

Freshly ground pepper


Chopped coriander


In a pan, put butter, pour chicken and capsicum. Cook lid on for a couple of minutes.

Take lid off and add seasonings.

Check with a fork if chicken is done before garnishing with chopped coriander

To George- our friend, the guy with too many cameras and a just one cat named mew!

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4 thoughts on “George’s Chicken Fry Recipe”

    1. Thank you Tammy. You know I think this is my voice. Ive been suppressing my voice and writing in a girly girl’s voice whom I don’t know for a long time…it was boring. 🙂

  1. I also liked the way you wrote this post and was wondering when you would come to the recipe ! Well worth reading to the end 😉 an easy and tasty meal that will be on the menu here soon. Thanks Rukmini.

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