_MG_7258What’s up this Friday evening! Come and say hello to a great marinade that will give your barbecued meat a great twist.

A great marinade that you can pretty much use for any white meat, you’ll need a couple of fresh stuff and a mixer to get this fantastic and aromatic mix- throw in chicken, fish, rabbit or even veggies for that matter and you’d have your fingers licked clean.

The man and I got conscious suddenly about our health (oh, we are hitting 30’s da) and turned to fish proteins for a while . We are also cutting down on oils and cheese and take-away’s and turning more into grilled and smoked and salads. Genes from my family are not all that great with regards to health and I really can’t take chances, you know!

I’ve had a cyst lately and it somehow shook me. The apprehensions, the unending pain, the dilemmas- and I am only 28. One needed to hold the health reign and steer towards a healthy life. So….

And the fact that we get a whole lot of fresh fish, everyday at the corner, fresh up from the sea!


Now for the folks who like their fish not too overpowered by the smell of marinade, cut back on the garlic. We like our grilled stuff, full of flavor- ahem…we are Indians.

Straight to the recipe then:


1 bunch coriander

3 green chillies

1 bunch spearmint/peppermint leaves

5 cloves of garlic

Mix and blitz

All of the above, 2 tbsp of lemon juice, Pinch of salt


Marinade your meat with the above and keep it refrigerated for about an hour or two. The more the better.

Grill & Enjoy 


Off to sleep

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