Rory the Rooster Bowl Cover Set of 2


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Rory the rooster was gotten home from a small farmers market when the farm started. But he is bit of a Johny bravo and has many kids with his surname. He now proudly struts the farm and throws his attitude to the new horses, though he cannot crow as loudly as he could. His friends do it for him though its his vision you see, perched atop the tower, neck stretched out, playing his part.

We love Rory. He is a legend. Think of this as his merchandise.

Our  bowl covers are meant to add the much needed happy in your every day chores. Plus, its far better than a cling wrap you know. Because green pastures must stay green for generations to come. And for the roosters.

DELIVERY- 10 to 12 days, via chosen courier. We will email you once your order is shipped

  1. Fits: 9” bowl
  2. Size: 12” (9” elastic band + 3” ruffle)
  3. Material: Cotton
  4. Details: All laced up
  5. Washing and care: Hand wash as constant machine wash may loosen the elastic.


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