The party went alright, the dishes are done, the night’s been well slept and the first cup of coffee has been slurped. And just when I thought my bucket couch is calling me with a book and more coffee I see tufts of bright, feel good, vibrant pink Moss Roses swaying their heads from the narrow window sill. In work and party arranging, I completely forgot about them and look at them this morning. They are in full bloom! Little thing! Yes, I shall take a photograph of you, of course I will honey. The second cup of coffee never brewed.

Sometimes I just wonder how these little things make me so extremely happy. The road divider on my way to work overflows with beautiful, yellow, bright grass flowers and I look at them as long as they’re in my line of sight. Oblivious to the narrowness of the world they do their part of spreading cheer to “stopped-for-rest-from-the-rat-race” city souls. Yes…flowers has to be there where I am. I find happiness in them; they give me perception. They are my LSD.

And now on to some linen love. I found these Linen on 70% sale- “Home spun, 20″ x 20″,Β Heavy duty residential grade upholstery linen”, Set of 3 for 4.99 $. Yes I couldn’t resist because they look exactly like French Grain sack linens, replete with the stripes. Soft, supple and yet sturdy, they will in all probability grace my sofa as cushions on Christmas, or I will sew them together as runner. I am elevated. Really.

Off to some baking! This day is dedicated to sheer lazying and sleeping, watching movies, no DIY’s and some pie love.

Have a wonderful weekend!



19 thoughts on “Saturday love: Antique French Grain Sack Linen Knockoff and Moss Rose”

  1. Ok where did you find the linen at 70% off…those roses are one of favs too, had them all summer at my entry, they were in many different vibrant colors and I just loved them!

    1. Hi Kathy. I found them at a local fabric store- his collection is simply gorgeous…not to mention his collection of paisley is actually famous in the entire city. This set is from the stock clearance sale.

      I’m loving the roses too. So cute they are and they pop with colors. Window sill, living room, in my house they are everywhere.

    1. Laughing and rolling. That could have very well been the title of my blog.

      Thank you πŸ™‚ You know while I was writing I was very tempted to write that song by Nick Drake…”Life in a tin can is worth to the city man who put his armor down….city streets, get down your knees, pray for warmth and green paper”. Such songs. Have you heard about Nick Drake?

    1. Rupa, this is from Adil’s, Lokhandwala, Andheri West. Worst part is these are sold as kitchen cloths. These were also available in more but as kitchen cloth again. So anyone of them would keep them I guess. Adil had this discount thingy going on. I will check and let you know if it’s still on .


      1. Thanks so much !! I have a trip planned in Feb and guess what I am going to stock up upon !? hehe there will be raised eyebrows from the hubby for sure !

        1. Oh!!! Will you be here in Feb? Do let me know and I would love to catch up with you πŸ™‚
          Yes, these fabrics are great…and imagine what a beautiful piece would it make for Christmas or even otherwise as cushions? I’m loving this.

          1. Yes ! I have a huge trip coming up where we get to travel to Kolkata, Indore, Delhi, Agra and Mumbai !

            We should definitely catch up !

  2. Very pleased your party went well. The moss rose is beautiful – such a lovely shade of pink. I’ve never heard of a moss rose. It looks quite similar to something we have called a carnation or a dianthus, but the leaves are a little different. Very pretty. The linen looks gorgeous too. Do show what you eventually do with it!

    1. And pleased I am to see you here and neither have I heard its name before. Oh Janice i cannot tell you how difficult it was to find it’s universal name + what a funny story. In India it’s called, “chini Gulab”. So, when I first tried to translate it’s name in English to find its original name, I ended up on a search result that showed 1000 results of China Rose, which in common terms is hibiscus. Imagine my frustration. I went all over the encyclopedia to find that its called Mexican rose or moss rose.

  3. Those linens are beautiful and I want some. Boo Hoo. so glad you landed them, The moss on top is so pretty and wish summer was still her. So what did you end up baking? Thanks so much for sharing at Sunday’s Best.

    1. Hi cathy! So sweet of you to come and write. Well, I ended up baking orange cinnamon pie and scooped it with vanilla ice cream. Perfect for Autumn I guess. πŸ™‚

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