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Hello and morning! We have a bit of Floribunda Roses in here this morning and one which drive away midweek blues. We are also talking about how to grow roses in containers if you are staying in an apartment and have very little time to care. We will be throwing in a bit of info, the joy in snipping flowers from your own garden for your home and how this little rose plant is making me jump like a 2 year old. Sounds okay to you?

So glad to be back from my weekend in Goa: believe me there is no place like home. Nestled in clean white sheet and unending cups of tea: oh, my wannabe beach home, how I love thee. It took me only a night out to realize. This is a little off-topic but I think I do not like 5 star hotels. I have been to a couple in my life and I am excited too before I check in but I have repeatedly felt claustrophobic. I mean I do like a bit of pampering in my life and some high teas but where is the joy is sleeping on the grass? Where is the sand in your shoes? Where is the shack side glory? When I went to Goa this time, I was put up in Zuri, in Varca. It’s a sprawling place of god knows how many acres, replete with its own private beach and villas that open to the pool among other luxe inclusions. I loved it. But somewhere it just killed my excitement of being in Goa. I just felt great and comfortable but not in Goa. I was in 7th heaven but I wasn’t in Goa. I really think these resorts and 5 star properties kill the very essence of a particular place: they are so same that its hard feeling being out of your home and your comfort zone. Verdict: If you are staying in a 5 star while you are in Goa, you are a loser.

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Clearly, happy to be home and digging my hand in leech and soil and sippin’ from my favorite cuppa and thinking about how important it is to grow roses in your home. I have a bean-bag near the little spot i call garden and there is where my philosophical thoughts brood, breed and nurture themselves. There is something about that space you know, that makes it so inviting: the perfect spot for thinking. All it neededΒ was a nice rose shrub.

So I went in to check, early this month, whether i could get my hands on some English rose or the closely packed variety for my little garden. Didn’t find them but fell in love with these little cluster blooms. On a sunny Sunday I gave a little rose plant a beachy home and look what she is giving me! Constant supply of super blooms, as white as I want it to be. Although a touch of pink would have been nice too but I am not unhappy. At all.

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The variety I have is called “Floribunda” which means abundance of flowers. These are typically characterized by low growing clusters and flower through out. Floribunda roses are small and grow well in containers as opposed to the large variants. If you are container gardening and don’t find these, you can try miniature and mini-flora rose bushes too. The good thing about these varieties is they are also disease resistant.

So here’s how to grow rose in containers:

The pots/containers I have used for container roses are approximately 20 inches across at the top and 14 to 20 inches deep. Roses have deep roots which calls for taller containers.

I used a dark plastic container but in a month I’ll have to shift it to a glazed ceramic container owing to the extreme heat. Its the monsoons, I am taking a chill pill with watering and heat.

Regarding the soil, a good, draining potting soil is fine. You can use slow-release rose fertilizer as per instructions.

If you are not facing heavy rains, in which case keep it outside but away from where the droplets can hit it hard, water your newly potted rose plant everyday for a week and then water twice a week. Keep in a place where they receive 5 hours of direct sunlight. Rose plants are prone to root rot. An inevitable sign that your rose plant is getting more water than it should is yellow leaves on top of the branches.

Prune in spring for better growth.

White rose

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