Hello Ladies and gentlemen (if any). Okay seriously, I always want to start the post with something else but my usual “hello” but somehow I end up saying “Hello ladies”. So funny!

Anyway, the girl in here, that would be me, is back with her real self, with stripes and greys and not gold and greens and reds, finally! And what a come back for I’ve got a real treat in here for you! This time, this day at this place we will talk fashion, for the first time.

Summer’s here and it’s almost important to wear as less clothes as possible as wearing cotton. Lol, seriously! Imagine the stickiness and the heat- a full sleeve will be suicidal. But a tank’s not something you can go to work in, can you? Solution: A light, loose, cotton shrug, preferably at the same hem line of your tank or spaghetti top that goes perfectly with your weekday formal trousers as well as your Friday denims or frilled skirts.

Most shrugs available at the market ends below your bust line- something I don’t prefer as somehow it makes me look very busty. My idea of a shrug is a cross between a shrug and a cardigan with the material being cotton/spandex/Hosiery. A plain boring grey tee from Izod seemed perfect for the experiment.

This is what it all started from! You’ll start by snipping the front into a half- start from the tip of the V and go straight down. I drew a line with chalk for an even line. Once you have snipped it, with the help of a fabric glue secure the unstitched ends.

collage via photovisi.com (check it out) It’s amazing. We are now 2 steps behind our oh-so-flouncy shrug!

Once you are done attaching the loose ends, with the help of your scissor make two holes on either side of where the neck of the fabric meets.

Now, run a bunch of lace or ribbons or ribbons and lace and beads and tie it into a knot. I used a plain bow, you can make what you like. Best part is, even if you make a knot that cannot be opened, its fine. You can always wear it like a tee without having to open the front!!!

Here we go! Ready and all to be worn.

What do you all think? huh?

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28 thoughts on “Summer shrug from a Plain Tee”

  1. Cool idea! I have a grey t that I was going to donate – think I’ll try this, since I also dislike short shrugs! Thanks for sharing.

      1. Guess what? I JUST made it. Haha! Hafto get the ribbon, but the ‘work’ is done and I love it. One t-shirt salvaged. Totally awesome 🙂

        1. Oh! FANTASTIC! I would love to see it if that’s feasible for you. Also, try some beads with the ribbons for that very oh-so-summer effect or go lacey and country. I am so happy you tried Nicole. Do show it to me 🙂

  2. What a fabulous idea! I have always wanted to make a tshirt into something else. Very inspiring. Thanx for linking up to THT!

    1. Oh hello there! How sweet of you have stopped by! If you make this, do come here and let me know once. Would love to see. So glad you like it!

  3. I love the fact there is no sewing involved! This is super cute and I’ve been dying for a shrug to wear with a specific dress, but like you said they make look bustier than I am…and I’m really busty to begin with! Thanks so much for sharing.

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