Summer craft and I have a very long history. Last day of school year and I used to pester my mom relentlessly to buy me summer craft supplies. From stained glass kits to scrap cloth and stitching material, clay, DIY bird houses {where I forced a sparrow to live for a few days before it spat and ran away}, and of course- how could I not- baking supplies!!!! While my friends were playing badminton and swimming or worse reading books from the class we are about to go in- I was busy being the homebody I was destined to be! My poor mother tried to put me through a summer dance class once which I bunked so much that I never learned one move to save my life. Then she also {kind of} tried to put me in a swimming class which grossed me out so much with all those people and one pool- I canned that. And then- how can I not mention this- she asked a music teacher to come to our place and teach me vocals to whom I met below my building and asked to go away. Hahaha, and out of all my mom’s feeble attempts to get me moving and me turning them down- the last one really got her. I got a nice whack- just once in my life is all I remember. Because disrespect.

Summer Craft is cool. Summer love is over. Summer discipline is the shiz

What a dreadful, dreadful day. That tyke called her. That old bloke! But coming to think of it, I love how my parents brought me up. I had the freedom to choose things for myself. But I did not have the freedom to take that for granted. I now feel it, because Muzu takes me for granted all the time. Anyway, out of all the successful and failed summer crafts that I did over the years, this one really stuck to me. Mainly because its simple, takes very little from my end and looks drop dead gorgeous! Also, makes for a fabulous way to have instant flowers at hand- pair them up with fresh foliage or dried twigs for centerpiece, hang them from the ceiling for a quick festive backdrop or add a few essential oil to them and group them in your bath for making it smell fresh. They are quite handy.

And they look so nice, it seems unreal

No, really! Not so long ago, we had this party at ours and quite c end up discussing art casually we got to talking “art” in general. I don’t quite remember who was against George {Our friend with a crazy kitten, conscious, and a talent for photography} but I remember George pointing out at this set of flowers kept neatly on my table and telling: “So would you tell this is art? Some cheap plastic, beautifully manufactured flowers- would you deem this as art?” Hahahahaha. After the whole thing was over, I pointed it out to him that as a matter of fact, this is art. The flowers are real. They have been dried neatly to be preserved just the way they were when they came. Its called oshibana. Oh man, just cracks me up everytime I think of this.

Nevertheless, here’s how this pretty Summer Craft is done

Get blooms that are half opened. A fully bloomed flower may wither faster and lose petals in the process of drying. Consider the variety of flower you are using. Air drying will work for more robust varieties such as roses or lavender. Keep them in water for a day or two. Let them dry just a little bit. Now take them off water, strip your flower of excess foliage and cut the stems. About 5″ stem is good. Find a dry cool place that has plenty of air and circulation. Keep the flowers {whether in a cup, glass, hanger} in the spot and keep it undisturbed for a good 2-3 weeks. While you are airdrying it, keep them away from sunlight. This will help them maintain their color during the process. When they are crisp to the touch, spray them with a good hairspray to secure the color and for some protection. And that’s it! Voila. Pure Art is at your disposal 😉

Styling suggestion

Dried or pressed bougainvilleas make for beautiful art- add them in your spring buntings, make pot potpourri with other essentials or add them to your existing candles. Found a fantastic tutorial here. Also, you can make pressed flower candles in a mason jar! Dried roses like I mentioned, makes for beautiful floral arrangements, can be used as bath and home air fresheners along with essential oils. Dried roses and lavender tied with a ribon and hung from walls look beautiful as wall art and dried foliage when framed makes for the perfect rustic addition to your decor. If you’re buying flower this summer, save one each from each batch and make a winter bouquet. It’s so much fun. Off now for a quick coffee and some errands. Our Mojave wallpapers are here and they look awesome pawsome!!! Are you following me on instagram yet? That’s where real time stuff is happening. Following along?

Love Rukmini

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4 thoughts on “A fun Summer Craft: How to airdry flowers”

  1. Rukmini your blog inspires me immensely especially your frugal flower arrangements.I have a question though! How long does bougenvillia blossoms last. As a teenager I used to put the shocking pink blosssoms in my hair (at home) but they wilted almost immediately. At least the bract part did. Do you have any special technique to make them last longer. If so please share it so many may be benefitted. It is one flower that is easily available and people who cannot afford flowers can beautify their homes.

    1. hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words. Bougainvillea really do well if you put in a pinch of sugar and salt to the water you are keeping them in 🙂 As for hair- ah damn! No idea.

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