IMG_1074Finally. Welcome back to this wee little place called Trumatter. It’s been a while I posted here and I am not remotely guilty about it. While ze wee blog cried under the weight of nothing, I was there out in the sun, having some fun, getting well, leave that, eating some wonderful food and chilling at quaint places like these. Oh what a trip this was. What a trip. It was insane. I am still under the post-trip depression but these cheer me up. Till I do this again, I think Im gonna talk a lot about it here in this space.

So, tell me, would you be interested then in some details of our brave road trip in this hot summer sun? A trip where 4 guys gets ruled by 1 girl and gives her the best seat? Read on then…


Before I get into explaining the nitty-nobs of the trip, let me introduce you to my fella travelers- the coolest bunch of friends I have. If you know them closely, you’d know why this was a trip to remember.

IMG_1070 IMG_1073 IMG_1123IMG_1071

From top:

Gopal Dadhich: Will brave mammoth, genetically modified, malvani masala clad mosquitoes but never use odomos. He is nature’s own son and has a daughter who is by far the sweetest kid I have ever seen in my life. No kidding. A dad, a CA and a hippie at heart, ‘lala’ as we fondly call him is a gentleman.

Siddhesh John: Roughing out is just not his scene. You wouldn’t want to be in his bad books. Will have desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ankur Chugh: The adventurer spirit in him thrives in one corner of his being, pulsating, throbbing, dying to be unleashed till he gets out out of the city limits. Whether its his car stuck in fathoms of sand {with us clearing wheels while my poor husband tries to get it out} or falling down in mucky roads of himachal-  as long as he can laze, its all okay bitches. Tell you, this boy has a heart of gold. He is our own Mother Teresa.

Rohan Kadam: The best boy who drives us all around- may it be the cars or us, and one our parents trust when something important needs to be done. Mine does clearly 😛 Among his favorite things to do is “Create panic”. You don’t question him often. You just do what he says. Never wake him when he is asleep. Never interrupt when he is eating mandeli fry. Rest is cool with him. The wee boy whom I love so.

Yup, ze miserables I call friends and with all of us in one really nice car we headed here…

IMG_1084 …to the sands and seas of Goa. We started at 4 in the morning from Mumbai towards Goa through Kolhapur Highway & reached Goa by 2 with 2 breaks in between. That’s not too bad at all. We reached 2 days prior to Holi and stayed at arambol- in North Goa. I think Ive spoken about it here. If you are on a shoe-string budget, you can get rooms in here for as low as 400 bucks a day and eat at shacks which serve some real good food. My favorite shack in Arambol would be Arambubble. They make good “white russians”, pulled beef chilly and spinach and cottage cheese dumplings.


Colors in Goa, Arambol. Sit by the beach, grab a pint and there’s nothing else you wanna do.

IMG_1089The good old sunny side up and bacon by the beach. Ah! good days I tell you.

IMG_1093Damn these guys. I’m gonna go take a dip in the water.

IMG_1095This girl with this hair stole my heart.

IMG_1096The man who stole my heart goes to conquer the sea.

IMG_1102On Holi day, no not Holiday- HOLI day, we leave from Goa to Achara, Malvan- a place little known and you’ll see why. Yup, that’s our car smeared with colors and getting mobbed on the main road by crazy people. Had it not been for the benevolence of two gentlemen, we would have had it.

To be continued…



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