Welcome to the first functional, practical DIY post from trumatter: we have Martha Stewart inspired Container magnet this arvo and this DIY got the husband’s approval 😉

Those of you who know me here, I have nothing to tell you about my love for old tins and forgetful nature. But since this old blog is getting some new visitors lately and from different parts of the world- who I am very sure don’t know me as of yet- this bit is for them.  You see, I often leave the gas stove and main door open. These days i come back thrice to check if I have closed both of these properly. I am not your perfect girl who keeps a track of everything, pulls her hair in a neat bun and is always well dressed and takes all the daily beating with a smile. I am the most imperfect person I have ever seen in my life and there is nothing I can do about it. This post is cure because the prevention phase never comes to my life!

Container Magnets martha Stewart 2

So hey, welcome to trumatter- one white loving forgetful blogger’s blog. My biggest problem in life? I can’t find pens, stirrers, home keys, money purse, grocery store numbers- name it and I’d take about 10 minutes to come around. I’d break it out to you: this issue has been one of the major fighting epicenters. God wasnt happy with making me dumb, he made me marry a person who has OCD. He wants his things at a certain place at all times and it irritates him beyond reason if he doesn’t find it there. Fun part is, for the longest time I believed there is some magical force behind this which is constantly conspiring against me and misplacing my things. Lol. Okay, I’m only joking. Honestly, I just wondered why don’t I find things even when i keep them properly {Believe me, I keep them at a place where i think i’ll find it but then i forget the place altogether}. Then after many, many fights I realized that I don’t find things because I don’t keep things where they should be. Soon after i realized why I don’t keep things where they should be. It’s because the designated place and the item don’t go together and it looks ugly. So I stash it away to someplace to make the place look beautiful. Can you believe this?

container magnets MS 3

I needed to make a designated place for some commonly lost and never found items in my house which was also visually appealing. Here in comes Martha! and my undying love for old tins. Just get a few old tins and stick 2 magnets behind them with hot glue. That’s it. You’re done. Store kitchen cloths, pens, stirrers, pins, or your husband when he is gone a little too over the top. When storing husband, put the lid on. I’m still recovering from the awesomeness of this project: The feeling that I’ll never lose my pens again and it’s not a dirty pen stand is just too overwhelming. I think I am crying and getting touchy about Martha.

Really Martha. You think for people like us!

You have a ROFL time too!

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  1. Is it weird to say that I totally understand, that you’ve been stashing things away because they looked ugly in their designated place? Anyway, I really do understand this! 😉

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