IMG_9885Evening ladies! The new year I am sure has given you a lot of reasons to be happy? Well, another won’t hurt!

This little girl by the creek went ahead and did that daring little thing- she walked the alter, took turns around the holy fire, promised happiness and got married to the love of her life on the 6th of January, 2013. Now getting married my friends require balls. Specially if you are the shy kind and the kind who prefers a few good friends and the same spot and a perpetual DND etched all over her face.

Although the wedding jitters almost got the very best of me and made me crib and rant and misbehave and even want to run away- Love ultimately won. Like a well behaved girl, I was there at my wedding on time, completed every single ritual and called this man my husband. I know what most of you would be asking me. How was it? Well, it was beautiful. It was a new rush. A sacred thing.

It was surreal and at points I could hardly believe that I was getting married to Rohan. What were the odds that me, a girl from the far East would marry a guy from the far West? Thoughts of Β destiny, love, days gone by, happy memories surged along with the sweet fear of the upcoming. A mixed feeling that eventually translates to happiness. Honestly, I really can’t explain how it was. It was trance like. Think of this as the most potent hallucinogenic drug that you’d only like to experience once, with the right person at the right place, barring the conditions it can get really scary. Lol…that’s as much as I could summarize!

I am glad the right person was right next to me taking vows happily and giving me strength and smiles.

We talked and laughed all through the wedding!

IMG_9870But before the D-Day, I got to take some candid portraits and closeups of my family who were staying with me during the wedding. This is my brother’s hand- the hand that makes amazing fish curry with cauliflowers. Makes me salivate.

He’s been cooking since he was 16 and prepared all the meals while me and mum was busy with the wedding stuff. Such a sweet heart Β he is. He is not my own brother- not by the relation of blood. But to us, he means no less. If he takes a decision in our home- it needs to be followed.

IMG_9878Dad is a thoughtful person. He generally is quiet and wise. Through his wood-framed spectacles he can analyze the world like no one else can. When things are low- this is the man I count on for some wisdom. Love you dad. Without you I am still quiet lost. Had it not been for you I would have been a bad person.

My folks left today. The wedding rituals and follow up rituals are now over. Its now just me and Ro, curled up watching news, trying to get back to our usual routine.Β I’d finally get some time to organize photographs and post some more for you all to have a peek.

More later!

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20 thoughts on “Married and back with Pre-Wedding Portraits”

  1. ..and now she’s a missus! how wonderful to begin a new life together. thank you for sharing these glimpses.

    you are lookin pretty over on my blog today as well.


  2. I fall behind in my reading for a few days and you up and get married!!! This post and the one before it are beautiful. Your brother, your dad and the beautiful hands are magical! I feel like your auntie and this auntie is not satisfied until she sees her niece in her bridal finery. Until you post those pics, you and Ro are not officially married to me!

    1. Yes aunt Maureen, I shall post the photographs immediately. Almost done with sorting them out.
      How sweet of you… I’ll actually call you aunt Maureen from now on if that’s okay with you. I don’t have an aunt. Dads the only child and mom’s sister has passed away.
      The photographs are gonna be quite a contrast to my otherwise white taste… Infact wear a glare and see them. They are “INDIAN BRIGHT”.

  3. Congratulations to you both, this is such a great news and a wonderful start in the New Year. Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures and thoughts with us. I wish you and your husband many years of love and joy and happiness and sharing.

  4. Congratulations Rukmini. Lovely to see these photos of your family, and I look forward to seeing more, either here or in my Inbox!

  5. Congratulations!
    Your Henna tattoo is beautiful πŸ˜‰
    I had one done once and found it very relaxing.
    Great portrait of the cook of your dad, one can see that you love him.
    I can’t wait to see the wedding photos.

    1. I found it rather bothering… 3 hours your hands stretched at one particular angle = very annoying.
      But its cool yes πŸ™‚ The hands feel frozen.
      I’ll post the wedding photographs as soon as i get home from Goa. πŸ™‚

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