(Can you tell that this is going to be a part of my Fall decor?)

Remember, how in my last post I grieved the loss of a certain amber bottle? Thanks to R I found one exactly like that. Yippee! I simply love, love, love its old, rustic look and its unevenness with minor scratches! *LOVE*.ย Anyway, here’s the promised tutorial as to how to cut a glass at home without a glass cutter. Or, let’s proudly rephrase this, how to cut a glass with yarn. Yeah, baby, yarn. Ready? Here we go. The picture is below for your ref.

1. Clean a glass bottle thoroughly, 2. take a cloth strip, twine it like a rope, dunk it in nail polish remover or deodorant or alcohol or spirit. The rope that you’ve made should be soaked in the medium but never dripping. 3. Tie it around the bottle tightly, from where you want to break it. 4. With a lighter or candle, burn the rope completely. Swirl it a bit to evenly distribute the heat. 5. When it completely birns out, dunk it in a bucket full of water. It will break clean!!! Hurrah! Now comes the final step.ย Polish the edges with sand-paper and you’re good to go.

Tell me how you like it! And never give up!


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16 thoughts on “How to cut a glass bottle at home tutorial”

  1. Pure science + R&D. The accurate method I researched a bit, after a couple of uneven breaks, but the science part is called, “Thermal Downshock”.

    See, when I’m slow heating a glass, the glass molecules on both the exterior and interior surface of the glass get a chance to expand evenly. Now, when I’m immediately putting it in cold water, the glass molecules that are in touch with the cold water, on the exterior surface, shrinks faster in comparison to the heated ones inside, resulting in a clean break, from where it has heated. Simple!

  2. Rukmini, you are a scarily brave person! You actually worked all this out for yourself???? You took a scientific theory called ‘thermal downshock’ and used it to work out how to cut glass????!!! That is amazing!

    I am now feeling very inadequate! I’m racking my brains for some theory I might have learned in science classes all those years ago, and can’t think of a single thing, let alone work out how to apply it to DIY!

    I am, however, spending vast amounts of time out in the garden trying to make it look presentable for a certain international visitor. You will be pleased to hear it’s coming along nicely. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Trust me, its relatively simple! I read about it in higher physics, yeah, I took up science after ordinary level, and I just applied it. Although I took some help from youtube, as to how to execute it perfectly.

      I’m so happy to hear your garden is coming along beautifully. That certain international visitor would love your garden anyway! Keep us posted with pictures and best of luck!

    1. Michele, count on me when I tell you that its easier than baking a cake. Just wear your gloves. Don’t believe me, do it and see, its too much fun.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us…so very “cool”!!! Come by and enter my giveaway…think you will like it.


      1. I am SO honored that you have my “button” on your sidebar. I don’t have a button but I love the one you made from my header.

        Thanks from the bottom of my heart ๐Ÿ™‚

        “See” you on Wednesdays for White Wednesday.


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