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Welcome! How long has it been now?

Seriously! I missed catching up with you all so much: It felt like I have not spoken to you all for a zillion years. Meanwhile, I’ve tried to write many times in between but just couldn’t get myself to do it. When your head’s spinning with 1 gazillion different things, mostly work, and you are trying to cope up if not excel, you cannot write. Writing is personal and one needs to pour their heart into it. When the head is buzzing, the heart stops. And I can only write something if I am completely at peace and content with myself. I cannot blog for the sake of blogging, to maintain ‘Hygiene’ {yes, this is what the word ‘ethics’ or ‘necessary’ has boiled down to}, or keep the traffic flowing. I hope you can fairly guess why I have been MIA for a while. Thanks to a little beach-house-fairy who waved her magic wand and made me hopeful and dreamy eyed again.

jam Jar 1

Yes, a lot has happened to the girl behind this blog and trust me it’s not something I should be telling you all. No point making you all sad for what made me super sad, yeah? But thank God, its over. I think I almost lost it at one point and forgot all my manners too, but the boy saved me. He is a man of few but valuable words. After many days of constant turmoil, here I am at peace with myself and blogging about a DIY Honey Jar turned into a vase. What a peace to be out of the rut. Yes, I might not make enough money as I used to a couple of months back but you know what? When before 7 years the entire production business got to me, I left it and its fat paycheck and joined a content firm with just half the salary. Then I was living alone, I had no savings, I had no husband and no home. If I could make it then, I’ll make it now and anywhere. I refuse to sell my soul for money and I will never do that.

Good days are hopefully back. Bye bye constant, nagging, sour umbilical whiplash. Hello refreshing whitewash.

Jam Jar 3

So I came home, washed away the stains of yesterday and washed a honey jar clean.

Spray painted it with white paint (you can use Krylon, Mosby or any brand. You can also use Asian Paints white and use a brush instead. It’s all cool)

Let it dry over night and did a little modge-podge

Printed this rose design out and cut it as close to edges as possible

Brushed the print side with a generous amount of modge-podge and stuck it face side down.

Rest it overnight.

Next, smear it with some water (just smear, don’t make it swim in it) and slowly, with the help of your finger tips, and with a very light hand, rub off the extra paper pulp. You want to be left with a very thin layer of paper with the design in it for it to look like its painted.

Once you have achieved the desired thickness, wipe it dry and brush another layer of modge-podge on top to seal.

Rest for about 2-3 hours and you are good to go!

Easy peasy right?

P.S: If you are too lazy to make, this is up for sale on ebay.

This is me signing off. Be crafty, not cranky.

Rukmini XO

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