Morning northerners! How does it go with you?

I have Hello Lovely Inc. plates for you today, painted with Scandinavian Art prints. Do you fancy Scandi? She does.


Michele from Hello Lovely was one of those bloggers with whom I instantly connected. She writes, so do I. She paints, so do I. She sings for a band, so do I. She plays Tambourine, so do I. She’s got beautiful beach blonde hair, so…do I?

From the very first time we talked, there was a connection. It was instant, spontaneous and continuous too. It’s been what? Two years straight? And we still connect on every little thing- or atleast I do. When she writes, I read.

But lately lovely has been around stuff that is not so lovely, and yet she takes it with pretty pompoms and pink slippers. How can you not respect that girl?


 Sometime back, she’s been kind enough to sent me 2 beautiful plates from her etsy shop along with few lovely brooches, both of which I love to death. This weekend while giving my living room some wall plate love, my thoughts took me to the Lovely vintage plates and I immediately knew I would love them to become heirloom.

This girl from the hollow is a die hard Scandi/Norwegian art/decor fan and there could have no better to salute this super brave girl.

I hope she likes it!

“So long lives this, this gives life to thee”.



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