IMG_0657Morning Bedouins! How’s it going?

To all the ladies: Happy Women’s Day. Keep being the kiddo your husband thinks you are, the mom your child thinks you are and the person your dog thinks you are.

Now, now…this post was not meant to be posted on Women’s Day but now that chance has brought it upon me, I shall talk a little about the woman I am and what the crew in this house thinks about me. Ready for the truth? I am a woman of class. I am the only sensible person in this household. Everyone else just exist with their common thoughts.

I am the only one who recognizes the grave dangers of a tea box with green lid and constant savings (I hope Rohan is not reading this) on fancy storage stuff that otherwise would cost me an obnoxious 399/- rupees a jar. I have bought teapot for one worth 2 grands but hey, that’s a story I’ll tell when I want to spend. Today, I’m the women who wants to save a buck for being the good wife’s sake 😉

 The crew (comprises of my husband and our rabbit, both of whom are least interested in my brilliant DIY ideas. That rabbit I tell you is my husband’s pet. It’ll watch finance and budget but not play with the soft toy.) on the other hand seem to think that I have gone nuts and that I could rather buy it off Shopper’s stop and get it over with than spending hours looking up online and trying to knock off a bloody tea jar. That I waste time on insignificant things when there are issues in this world that needs attention.


Attention? Like what?

Husband: Like would you buy gold or invest in equity? Would you rather buy the house later when the rates are low or right now for the market seems to be pretty stable?

Rabbit: Like I need a bath and I like capsicums and hate spinach and beetroot makes my teeth red like pan eating Indians. Like you don’t let me stroll in the verandah..

Ah, wordly matters. Whatever (and continues her DIYs)


That’s the kind of woman I am. Stubborn, headstrong, aesthetically manipulating, a lover of all things beautiful, romantic and that’s how a typical conversation ends in Trumatter’s household. They call me the KID and I am happy being one!


I Love my husband. I have pretty much given him all the important responsibilities of life (he loves them and is really good at it) and am chilling with making recycled jam jars. He thinks I am a KIDDO and impulsively stupid. I think I’m glad I am out of it, its where the big guys play and I don’t care. Win-win situation.

And hence, I stick to my world and its grave issues which includes tea kept in a plastic box with fluorescent green lid is something definitely not right and closed cabinets can catch fire and hence open shelves. Haha, I have my ways around getting things done you know. Some stupid logic is what I give to people and make them believe that its very necessary that I do that certain thing. There was no need of open shelves in my house, it could have waited if it was not for the backache which was genuine.

I’m a manipulating little she-dog when it comes to home decor. But then every girl is, unless your husband is an architect or an interior designer in which case, you are either lucky or horribly sidelined.


 Was my coffee spiked with some leaves of some sort? Or is it Friday that I am blabbering on end? Irrespective, here’s a tutorial on how to perfectly modgepodge your glassjar lids and reuse old bottles as fancy and classy tea jars and think of yourself as the someone who is very creative.

This is what you’ll need

An empty Jar

Fabric of your choice


A label (print out)

This is how you’ll do it

CollageCut a swatch of fabric and thick paper of the same size.

Stick your paper to your fabric with glue.

Why not plain fabric?

Because this way its easier to cut the fabric in slits, it sits better when stuck and also, if your fabric is semi transparent and your lid is bright red, it won’t show.

Once you’ve stuck the fabric to the paper, fold one side of the paper inside the lid and see how much fabric you’d need to cover the lid without disturbing the thread inside the lid. If you cover the thread, the lid might not fit properly.

Keep the necessary fabric to fold in and cut the round.

With scissors cut the sides as shown above.

Why can’t I just cut it in a round and fold it?

Because when you fold it, it will be uneven and sharp corners would stick out on the overlaps. Plus this is wayyyy easier.

Collage2Once you have cut the sides, simply glue the tips of the cuts and start folding.

It would take you less than 5 minutes to do the whole lid. {It will also sit beautifully}

Follow this with cutting your label and sticking it to your jar with podge. One coat of modgepodge on top of the lid and one coat on top of the label- there! You are done.

You are now the official owner of a brilliant tea jar without having to spend a dime.

Best part is, you can color coordinate your jars, customize, make sets to identify the kind of spice and stack according to color for that great touch to your open pantry.

Moral of the story: This is a great craft and I am a great girl.

Would love to know what you think!


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15 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day and DIY Kitchen Storage Jars with fabric and modgepodge”

  1. Happy friday and Happy International Women’s Day to you. Truthfully – I don’t have your passion or energy for everything being ‘just so’ around the house, and I am happy if the tea jar has a bright green lid! But I also like to recycle glass jars and use them for storage and potions of various kinds, so this is an idea that I would use in that way.
    As for the big important things and the apparently little unimportant things – I’m with you. There are things I know I should be interested in and kind of wish I were but I’m not…….

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Okay! You are super fun to read.
      You know, mum actually sees all this and tells me just the same. You guys should totally meet.

  2. I love that jar, and that you were in a mood to share/write as much as you did. This is basically what my family also says whenever they see me crafting something I could just buy.
    Surely I’ll be making much more when I move into my own house, and this is not to say I haven’t bought quite a few jars and all kinds of pretty containers, but I agree with you. Why not, if it’ll make me feel better and my kitchen and/or any other part of the house look prettier? 🙂

    PS: this totally makes me miss my sweet little bunny!

    1. Oh! You have a bunny do you? And ya, I kind of blabbered a bit in this post..! I just kept writing and writing, till I thought its getting all too much 😛

    1. And about this I know. You’ve mentioned your love for recycled jars to me quite a couple of times 🙂
      Did you blog about recycled jars as well? Will you please leave me the link if you have?
      Would love to see 🙂

  3. you ARE a great kiddo in the best sense of the word. we’re poets so if a portion of humans call us crazy, we know we’re living in truth. it’s just how the universe rolls. not everyone is called to numbers and logic. i’m great at math but just can’t do politics. tried. religion too. really tough to embrace organized religion and judgment when i feel this spiritually minded and free to let God do the judging. all that to say, yes, while the aesthetics of yer jam jar may not create a shift in the universe, perhaps they create a positive shift in you, and a ripple effect in your surroundings which will bring blessings unknown. (ya, i can justify just about anything for an artist.) you DO sound high on endorphins, but of course that is a most familiar high to me. 🙂


    1. Thanks for ye vote of confidence lovey! DO you know what? I cannot do organized, pre-told religion either and also politics. And I am seriously good at math (I can add big numbers verbally) but not finance and investment. If that makes me a kiddo to someone, Big deal. And it is soo true when you say that it may not create a universal shift but a positive shift in me. It has. After I changed my kitchen, I feel like cooking more. I feel happy to make food for the crew and that gives a positive vibe to everyone. Plus its only little that takes me to make happy. Artists are a less understood lot, arent they?
      What the harm! 😀

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