Fall vignette y’all. Fall Vignette and no less.

Though there is no sign of chill in the air, no forecast of frost or even rain and the October heat is cooking us inside out- it doesn’t hurt one to create a warm nook while the air-conditioner blasts 16. Does it?

When I went to the super market the other day, I found a couple of very handsome pumpkins for only 1$. Actually I was veggie-shopping and came by them. I think when I bought them, they were potential candidates for Pumpkin Pie. Fortunately they made it to my fall vignette!

The antique bottle on the left with a cork is a gift from Nevil. It was not like this when he gave it to me though! That is a transformation story I’ll share later with you all. What I really like about my teeny simple Fall Vignette is the chalkboard canvas. It effortlessly adds that little shop window feel without being so on your face. No?

This shot was taken at night- a time when I thought some hay might be wonderful but being the careless me, it would only be paving way for a unimaginable disaster.

Inspite of this being so simple and with very little elements, the whole thing kind of came along quite well. Neutrals with touches of orange and flaming red is the key to great Fall decor this season or so I think. I’m also thinking tweed over felt as material. Ah, reminds me of dad’s coat and his cologne. When I was really small, growing up in the hills, I use to wear his coat once he was home. Because it used to keep me warm ๐Ÿ™‚

Gone are the golden days but memories are here to make me feel wuzzy and fuzzy. Feeling quite good about the whole thing. Warm and fall like.

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12 thoughts on “Fall Vignette at Trumatter’s”

  1. Oh….I know how you feel. hot cold hot cold…. but no complaining here. I went from making soup and chili last week to camping and making salad this week. If you so come here…..PLEASE let me know, it would be so fun to meet in person!

    1. Jeez…exactly that and more. Hot rush, cold shivers, mood on broomstick..and I’m in my late twenties. Gah. I’ve been feeding on soup ever since- I even said no lasagna! Can you beat that? But travel’s on the cards! Going to a 3 day music scene soon- hopefully it’ll be a good change.
      I will most certainly let you know if I am there in the big country. Fingers crossed!

  2. Great post and I love the idea of the chalkboard. If I can find a long narrow one, I have a great idea of where to put it. Thank you for this inspiration!

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