Hello there. Well, as a matter of fact, I have been to each of your blogs before writing this so i know a LOT is happening yo! Today I have no questions here but a quick and easy DIY to share, a little about me and a slice of my home to show you all. My love for kettles and teapots has been there ever since.  I love teapots. Specially vintage teapots and vintage kettles in aluminium, steel, enamel or even China. Certain, unseen, air bourne  chemicals from these good looking teapots binds with the love hormones in me to create an attraction so strong that I cannot resist myself from bringing it home.  Happens, such things. So, you can get how I feel about a broken teapot right?  That’s so right. Terrible. I do not care who breaks it; whoever does it bears my look for the rest of the day. I know, I know. It’s not good be materialistic, blah blah bull crap but I cannot feel “alright” when I things I love gets damaged. I get grumps.

Anyway, when the help girl broke my Borosil teapot, I was furious. But what can you really tell a person when she herself is apologetic about it and did not break it intentionally? I couldn’t tell her anything but I was dying inside. My beautiful two cup teapot is now broken. Do I have to throw it away or what. The break was clean and a small piece from the bottom of the teapot has come out clean. Clearly there was no option of using it as a teapot, ever again. But I dont know why I didn’t throw it. I picked up the piece and kept them both out in the verandah. Who knew, I would come up with a sustainable idea, just after about 5 hours.

While browsing the internet, I saw a blogger feature a vintage teapot she found for 4$ and it looked exactly like my teapot but for the fact that it was made of aluminium. She also tucked in some beautiful flowers in ’em. H-O-L-Y whatever, why didn’t I think of it before! Why not utilize the teapot to make it a planter! Oh, and since I am doing it anyway, why not make it look like an aluminium vintage teapot planter! Since there was no piece missing from the teapot and the break was clean, a coat of brushed aluminium wouldn’t even show the crack. Win. Win. Win.

I stuck the piece, dried, gave it a coat of brushed aluminium finish acrylic paint and dried it for a day.

The next day, I filled it with some potting soil that “feeds for 90 days” and potted some money plant. I wanted to pot succulents ideally but it was not available.

Wanna see what it started from?


And here is the inspiration

 So, what do you say? Good or no good?

Have a great weekend ladies!

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10 thoughts on “Vintage teapot knockoff & A Teapot planter from trash”

  1. Excellent! I hate breaking things too. Or having other people break things.. But although you don’t have your teapot any more you have a new planter, and apparently one that was never broken at all!

  2. Holy WHATEVER. i love that. i cried myself to sleep a few years ago when my husband knocked over and broke a glass depression era urn i used to store bella luna’s treats. try as i may not to be owned by some of these possessions, they have energy and influence!

    way to resurrect in a lovely way!


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