Honestly, I have stopped checking my blog stats for quite sometime now so wouldn’t be able to call out- ladies and gentlemen! I don’t even know who is reading this space. I mean who reads a girl by the creek doing some fancy DIY stuff and making it sound like a million dollar craft? Really, who can deal with ultra whites and beachy totes and shells and white- did I…?

But again, I do. I drool on white blogs and pin it away. I totally go into a decor-porn mode with all those cute pillows and french country clay pots and cottage appeal and pink peonies…. I’m this kind of a girl, who loves this kind of visitors. If you are too intelligent to hover over handmade lovely and think who wastes time on **** like this… the doors over there. We’ll see you around in more intelligent realms, yeah?


For peeps who love this, here’s the story of the 2 white cute pillows!

You see, I’ve been eyeing pillows for a while. The linen ones with dragon flies and bees and little black birds; the very neo-modern meets Swedish ones if you know what I mean. Lately, this website has been torturing me everyday with their range of cute white cushions, but unfortunately they do not ship to India.

My next bet was lifestyle- India. You know what? I’ll say the B word. Nothing of that sort.

The only website that is selling these put a price tag of 2999/- for a set of 4 cushion.


I run a house here! I chalk down everyday’s meal and excel-enter every little “kharcha” (expenditure) to keep it all within 30k every month. I take a bus to work. 2999 for 4 cushion cover? Go take a hike or something.

img_74111….And I hatched a plan!

How about stamping with acrylic colors….

I bought a set of children’s rubber stamps and suited myself.

Once done, I ironed them (paint side down) and we were good to flaunt 2 brand new cushion covers which are totally cool and Swedish!

“We’ll take the bus” and “The biskut company” are what they are called.


For people like me who suffer from unavailability and price issues, I have put 2 extra of the same set on sale on my blog- rukminiroydesigns

And for my sheer pleasure, I have taken 1, 9 from 2999 and priced it at 299/- for one which is about 4$?

Yeah! Im righteous girls 🙂

See you!

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8 thoughts on “DIY: Stamped Cushion Covers”

  1. You are the best…so amazing and at such a lesser rate. Definitely going to the other site to checkout the extra covers!

    1. Ah! Hello there. So honored! I have put up the same photos though because I made 2 of each 🙂 If you want closer view and size, feel free to write in here.

      I don’t mind paying you know, but it should be worth it. Hate when the price exceed the product.

  2. They are fabulous at any price because they are handmade with lovely hands belonging to a body housing a brilliant brain and a precious soul. Love and creative juice to you!


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