Marble. God, super swoon is the word. No wait, I just learnt this word called Super Stinkin Hardcore from Summer at PearlsandPetunia and I think it’s my new favorite word at the moment. So yeah, right now, I am crushing super stinking hardcore on Marble and I found out a way to turn any pretty darn thing into marble, thanks to paint. So hop along and let’s get going on a suhweet DIY Painted Faux marble tutorial.

Marble Table 3

Marble in all its form is all the rage right now {actually I think they always were} and they’ve been making their presence felt since last year- especially in the home, living and decor world. I think Maria from dreamy white lifestyle got this whole marble thing in my head {oh, head to her blog and check the photos. All ohh and ahh and swooon}- I saw her breathtaking Carrara Subway Tile Built in and I knew I just had to have a bit of marble in my living room. Unlike 2010, now I can possibly afford a good marble top but hey, where’s fun? What’s better than marble is a good marble texture that also becomes the focal point of discussion 😉 Unless you are doing a backsplash or floor tiling!


Without much ado, here is the tutorial for DIY faux marble table or texture

You’ll need:

Black primer or Black Royale by Asian Paints, Water base
White paint – I used Royale by Asian Paints, water base
A soft sponge- round or square
A roller brush- softer the better
A tin brush or feather
A spray bottle with water
A plastic container with half a cup of water
A glass top or any surface you like
A clear sealer- I used Asian Paints Aquadur
Sandpaper- fine grit 350

How to get marble effect with paint

Begin with cleaning the glass surface and priming with black primer. Wait for it to dry completely. Now this is where I prefer a water base paint. It dries super quick, the mess is easy to clean, it doesn’t stink and gives a lovely matte finish which you would want in case of a stone product.

Marble Table Steps

Once the black primer dries completely, use your sponge to cover the surface with white paint- be super light and go in little half circular motion. Now you would ask, if you had to cover the entire surface with white, why bother with the black paint at all? I’ll tell you why. You see, marble is never 100% white. Not the Carrara variety. If you look closely you can find touches of grey and many shades of it. Layering will create that illusion.

Sponge your white in a way that the black areas look grey. Check this out.


A lot of marbles look similar and you could leave it at this. But hey, we want the swanky, expensive looking marbs right? So you move onto step 2, which is to create the veins. It might feel at the onset that ‘dear god, this is spoiling the whole texture’ but trust me it wont. And be absolutely free to create as many veins as you want. But remember to create them diagonally because you’ll hardly find natural marbles with calculated symmetrical veins.

Marblle Table Collage 2

First, draw thin lines with black and then spray some water on the lines. The lines will be smudged and that’s okay. Those smudged llines right there will later give out that beautiful texture. Let the whole thing dry completely. Any wet spot and you run the risk of disturbing the smudges.

Once your table is completely dry, mix a cup of white paint to half a cup of water and pour that down on the table. With a roller brush spread it around evenly. It is important to water down paint because if you dont you will cover the veins. You don want that. You want it to show classily from beneath the white just as it is in marble. The photo above shows how we achieved the texture. The photo on right is how it looked once the 4th layer was dry. If you find darker areas after the layers are dry, you could roller brush in some white paint in areas where you’d like more white.

Marble table 7

Let it dry. Now, sand it down. Don’t be hard, just lightly sand so the black parts show a bit more prominently. Wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth and add a coat of clear sealer. I used Aquadur by Asian Paints but you can use any.

Once the sealant is dry, you can start using the table. Honestly, I am not happy with the leg of it so I might change it up a bit but for now, the heart’s marble stoked.

Marble Table 5

What’s your verdict then?

Off to a cup of Jasmine green and later beer and movie.

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