Well, hi! How have you been keeping. I’ll give you the gist of this blog post right at the start: I have been blamed for digression and methinks they are so right! So, yeah, picked up some discarded pipes yesterday while looking for Edison bulbs and made an industrial light out of it: this is going to be the topic of discussion today here in trumatter-lifestyle-blah-land, followed by an easy tutorial which you can use. And now, I am free to roam around in this space with words and tell you what a soppy week I’ve had.

Honestly, I am surprised that I still have it in me to make things out of nothing. For sometime, my head was a big foggy blur and all that came out of it, trying to find a permanent solution to a nagging problem, are more hopeless problems. This battle of possible ending and hold-onto-unending, among all other probabilities and possibilities, gave birth to two distinct rivers in my head, with each constantly either refuting or soothing the other. Like hot, molten lava meeting the ice cold ocean, and all it gave me was a brain full of super fog where seeing ahead is practically impossible. I am talking no-vision, let alone perspective, which is necessary to create.  I had started to doubt myself and everything I have, am known for.


The best thing to do with a problem is to face it, they say, but how about your problems and solutions thrive in each other so perfectly that at one point of time you become the passive observer, feeding, nurturing them both with your energy and happiness, and willingly taking out time to wake them up. You have no solution, you have no problem but you are just not happy anymore. So I decided to do what should not be done. I decided to not think for once and look into not feeding them with my time. To look deep within and find out those little patches that gave me extreme happiness- so much so that I almost forgot I had any problems to begin with- and find ways to amplify it. I decided to not face them and leave them as is, waiting for fate to unfurl things as I go along. Like duh! why did it take me so long to figure that whether i worry and bring it earlier than it should or wait for it to actually happen: whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen anyway. Till it happens, let’s CTFO. {I’ll inbox you if you don’t know what that means}

The rivers vanished. There was light! And the lamps came out.


Finally, after days of brooding on things that I don’t really have to, I stepped out and pampered myself with some DIY love. I am generally not into beating my own drums but I really, really, really like how my little modern industrial lamp came out. best part is, it’s all made from a discarded, old PVC pipe!

Here are the supplies!

Supplies_trumatter_DIY lamp

You will need:

3 bends that fit your pipe

Plastic pipe or iron pipe

A block of wood as base

Clamps and nails

A hammer

Spray paint in a color of your choice. I used mirror finish.


How To Make An Industrial Lamp From Plastic Pipes

Step 1: Spray paint the parts with 3 coats (with 15 minutes of drying time between each) of spray paint. I used silver because I wanted that typical industrial feel to it.

Step 2: Assemble the lamp and fix the bends to the pipe which will give you the frame

Step 3: Fix the base with 3 clamps to a sturdy base. I used a block of wood.

Step 4: Run the wires through the pipes (this might take some time)

Step 5: Attach one end to a holder and one end to a two pin. There are two wires in each end which you need to fix to two connecting metal strips.

I would use an edison bulb, ideally, but for now this is what I am happy with.

Here’s a step by step photo-tutorial of how to make an Industrial lamp


I didn’t have a photo to put on the lat sqaure so thought you all might find this heart sign handy 😛

That’s it from me today. I hope you all have enjoyed this bit.


Roy XO

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