Good Sat’day ladies. Well, they all did a version of this, as you know. He did, she did, they did, the internet was brimming with pristine white crates and so I thought maybe Trumatter should too! yeah?I know this craft of mine would fetch me no applause, would in all possibility be lost in the many pages of the history of crate revival but what the heck. Sometimes cliche is fun. Not to mention, its also safe! 

When I went to pick up my much awaited parcel, sent by Michele of Hellolovelyinc. (about which I’ll have to do another post) from Rohan’s, I found this wee little mango crate on the sidewalk below the building. Well, those who know me, this action would come to you as no surprise. I picked it up. I have a very motherly attitude towards thrown away things.

anyway, irrespective of what people residing in that building might think, I gladly picked it up- I had no plans with this. When I asked Ro’s sister about whether or not I can take it home, she said maybe you should not because it doesn’t have a side. Plus it has lot of nails in it, which might just be a disaster. I contemplated for a minute and said “I’m taking it”. There is nothing that some spitting, pulling and whole lotta paint can’t sort.

Now you see, she is the kind of person who appreciates handmade. She is a painter, a beautiful girl and a beautiful soul. And if I have one person to dedicate this crate to, it would be her. She thought about my safety but didn’t cringe. She is my kinda girl!

Coming back to point, this crate in question, before its altered fate was a two plank high crate with one side, lengthwise, completely missing. Soon after I reached home, I took out one of the top planks from one side and fixed it to the base of the side that didn’t have planks, which made it equal. Next i opened the 2 remaining top planks from the sides (breadth-wise) and chucked them. So basically from a lop-3-sided crate, I had one full, one plank high high functional crate. Too bad I forgot to take a picture but luckily I did of the process!

Next process was to sand it and dunk it in white. 2 coats of Asian Paints Ivory and 12 hours of drying time.

Once completely dry I got a French label printed out ( this is available in graphicsfairy ) and pasted it on the side with modgepodge.

Once my modgepodge was completely dry (6 hours), I rubbed the pulp off- you can learn the failproof tips and tricks of modgepodge here

Once that was done, I gave it 3 more coats of modgepodge and I was good to go!

Here are the before and transition pictures!!!

How do you think this turned out? Suggestions welcome 🙂

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21 thoughts on “DIY: French Wine Crate! My first ever and highly recommended”

    1. Thank you Annie 🙂 Haha, tell you what, I should have taken a picture of from where I picked it and how. Bring them on hand sanitizers!

  1. so pretty and elegant! there is nothing like snagging something discarded and giving it a new life. bravo!


    p.s. thanks for the shoutout, ms. thang.

    1. Haha…I have been searching for one desperately. Sadly, a lot of my friends think my home’s too white! Too bad they don’t know Swedish home decor or for that matter high key photography!

      1. I get those sort of comments too ! I have a rustic old ladder which I have propped at the entrance for displaying books.. my friend commented “why have you got this old paint splattered ladder in your house !?” *sigh* they don’t get it !!!

  2. Do you need to ask, yes it is completely pretty. I love your sense of self, and your humor! I have a strong motherly issue too. So need to save, no matter what. I love you blog and your creativity. You are inspiring! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped to make it a fun party

    1. Aww Cathy! Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you think so. You know the other day a couple of my friends kind of really ticked me off by saying that I am very old fashioned and that my blogs all about women above 40. What kind of lame argument is that! They probably dont get this drift but tell you what, this comment of yours is making me feel real good.

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