I’ll start with a thought here rather than my usual hello. You see, over the years, blogging and thrifting have taught me one singular thing: the best pieces of furniture often remain unsought for people hardly see what’s beyond apparent perception. Although this was not unpleasant to apparent perception by standards, I loved the woody texture that was painted to the glass but it was just not me. So, what did happen? It’s very easy to guess. Like everything else in this house, it got a fresh dollop of white and a little nautical love! I am definitely going to furniture heaven like Maureen said!

You know on many an occasion and more have I heard that “is everything in your home refurbished?” “Is this also from the flea market and cost 150 bucks?” Like, oh, this girl lives out of rags types. But that’s okay if they don’t get the drift of doing something unusual. Yes, I do think twice before I spend my money and if there’s something I like and I can do it on my own, I will do it in half the cost than spend twice the money. I feel absolutely fantastic about it. How about you?

So, when I received this bar cart from Rohan’s mom, I instantly knew I’m in love with it. More so for what it could be than what it was, not to forget that I always wanted a bar trolley but never bought one owing to the space. But looks like I didn’t need to restraint myself from buying one all this years. It happily found its own little nook. A little beachy corner rather!

Rohan was in Kerala for a business trip this weekend and believe me without him my time just don’t seem to pass. Hence I keep all my DIY’s when he is not around. Plus, one major perk of doing things when he is not around is I love when he comes home and says, “oh, this is looking nice” or “the room is looking great, you foofed something?” The expressions are priceless.

The very same morning that he flew, I started working on this bar cart and I was done before a day he was in. Yay!

I cleaned the whole thing with soap water and let it dry. Next with the help of sellotape I marked the part I wanted Navy and colored everything else in white.

Once it was dry, I removed the sellotape, retaped the white edges and gave the uncolored patch 2 coats of navy blue.

Once everything was dry, the whole trolley got another coat of white and clear gloss.

Are you not tempted to see what it was?

 Like I said, I really liked the wood patina here but somehow it wasn’t me.

Now it is


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14 thoughts on “DIY Bar Cart Makeover”

  1. Oh, I love this!! I have an old bar cart that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. Mine, however, is metal. What were the shelves of yours made from…glass? that looks like wood? Hmmm…I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before! Regardless, you did an absolutely wonderful job transforming it into something spectacular.

    1. Hello rita, This is made of metal too. The sides are iron and the shelves are glass.
      It was painted from within in a wood like patina to make it look like so. But they are glass. I did try to take them out but the colors wont go. So, I had to paint from top.

      Hope that helps!
      Thanks for stopping in.

  2. It looks fantastic, nobody would think it ever had another life as the original bar trolley! You are so clever.

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