IMG_7593(1)Morning decor enthusiasts! Reporting live from India, this Monday morning- We have an easy vintage centerpiece idea on blog today that gets a lot of ooh’s and aah’s and so pretty’s from wanted and unwanted visitors 😉

But before that, how about I walk you through a typical Indian rainy day? Wanna come, take a walk with me?

Right ✔

It’s been pouring in here for one month straight and yes, I am loving it! Cool weather is a luxury here in this part of India and Maharashtra is beautiful in the rains! The hills that surround the city are the greenest of green, cool wind replaces sticky heat and hits you happily, square on the face as you board a tuktuk to go to work, the streets are a riot of colors with vivid rain-wear, the smell of freshly made strong ginger tea from the road side inns, the strong smell of fried potato fritters lingering through out the eat-street (like grass, these “thelas” or stalls ubiquitously pop up below every office campus), the grave Nimbus pregnant with more rain hanging on the hills like an impending doom, running home to the husband and snuggling up to him with hot chicken pie and Oldmonk Rum- rains bring in a fresh lease of life for those staying in this part of the subcontinent! We love rains. We celebrate rains.


And hence, the girl behind this blog thought of changing her living room decor for the season- lots of white and greens and pops of color was the aimed decor style all the while keeping the coastal theme alive. I think I did a good job!

The fairy garden is my living room- coffee table- centerpiece for the season and I tell you, its practically assembled without spending a dime! The vintage enamelware is a gift from my husband (he knows by now what I really go do-do for), the dolls are from my childhood- kept spec-less, clean and unscathed- thanks to mum and the succulent? Well, that I took off a highway inn, the manager was too kind and let me have a cutting while my husband was adamant on not letting me take it home. But who listens to the husband right? I got his friends to cover me while I slyly shoved that cutting inside an ill looking polythene and dumped it in the car! It’s succulent dude- It’ll survive. After two days of staying behind the car, it came home beaten and almost drying. Husband laughed- that cynical laugh which tells you “see, I told you it won’t make it”- and I carefully repotted it. Look at it now- let me have the pleasure please- HAHAHAHAHA.

There, I laughed it.

IMG_7584I repotted it in this vintage enamelware bowl, broke some dried eggshells and made the top bed (yes, they are magically good for your succulents) and very carefully positioned my dancing dolls. I like the one who peeps from behind the leaf! I always liked her!

I think I did an awesome job. But that has no value unless you come and tell me how you think it is looking!

Will you?

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15 thoughts on “DIY: A vintage Fairy Garden centerpiece”

  1. you’re fabulous, roy. reviving the succulent? adding beauty to your living room? appreciating the rain? laughing? not surprised at all. the life you breathe into your surroundings is inspiring.

    love to you.


  2. Delightful ♥
    We have had a lot of rain and even floods, we are ok, as our house is high up and far from the river, but then we had hot weather and mosquitoes.
    Last night we hung hammocks from our deck, the next hot evening we plan to sleep there.
    I’m glad that you are having lovely weather.

    1. Thank you 🙂 But again, mosquitoes, flies and creepies here too. I’m burning coils in the morning before leaving from work so we can sleep in peace. How I would love to sleep in a hammock! Someday, when i have my own house maybe 🙂

  3. I love this! And thank you for the tip on using egg shells for succulents. I will definitely have to try that since succulents are one of my fav things to grow, I just recently found an enamelware pot and bowl free at a tag sale! So super excited! I used the pot to plant flowers and the bowl to make a birdbath. Just discovered your blog and following you via bloglovin’!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

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