IMG_9684Hello Lovelies.

How are you all doing with 5 days to Christmas? Packed to the roof with Christmas To-Do’s and wading in good looking wrapping papers? The only tedious job that seems happy I guess- Cleaning for Christmas.

I’ve been a bit down lately. It’s probably the age you know that’s making me flimsy. Too much to handle, job, an upcoming wedding- if not bridezilla I have definitely become womanosaurus with two huge snapping teeth. Everything just gets to me. From a simple food that the man wants to eat to pretty much everything. I just snap, snap, snap. There is this perpetual rampage mode switched on and it just wouldn’t budge. Why I didn’t write all this while. The wedding hormones I guess…

Finally feeling a bit settled and put together to share a couple of things in over here.


I’ve been wondering and wandering to pick up gifts for my sissy darlings and friends and they are the sort who have everything. How many times has it happened that you want to gift something really special to someone and you are stuck. You absolutely cannot think of what to give? Luckily, in my case I know their traits and hence I opted for Handmade. If you have friends like mine who really love handmade vintage look alike and white stuff, here’s some dope for you.

A set of Herb Keepers

mg_74131Collect 3 bottles of the same size, embellish them with glue dots and paint them the color of your choice from within. Maybe keep a patch open for some chalk board paint to write on. Makes a perfect gift for the lady who loves to play host. This goes to my eldest sister. I’m making Rosemary, Thyme and Mint. What will your options be? For a quick tut, click here

Bath Salts of your choice of fragrance


Bath salts! Who wouldn’t love a satchel or ten, specially made with love for you! And its 1-2-3 easy to whip up a few. Sandalwood and Rose, Lavender, Lemon grass, Mint and Patchouli, Lotus and lily of the valley- the options are endless. All you need is some Himalayan Coarse Sea salt, Food color, crushed petals of the essence you are using and a few drops of essential oil. That’s it! Rose and Sandalwood was my pick. This goes to mum who is a beauty queen. Know how here

Hand painted Wine Glasses

wine-glass-knock-offLove silvered wine glasses as gifts to give and take? Make them yourself for half the price. Buy a set of wine glasses, tape the top and spray paint them with Krylon Mirror Finish. Let it dry for a day and you are good to go. Choose any color actually- blue, red, green, chalkboard- whatever you fancy is achievable. Bro-in-law gets these. Tut here

A set of 4 handmade wood slice coasters

wood-coaster made these last Christmas and it was an instant hit. Tell your friendly wood cutter guy to slice a dry branch for you. Get a wooden block of the size of the coaster and stick it on! Dad will love two of these for his evening whiskey! Tut here

Vintage Pouch for little ones to store fancy clips

img_8505Got a little fairy in your life who loves clips and bangles and star brooches? drawstring bags are perfect or them. Easy to open and close and no button or chain affair, this will save the moms from picking up jewelry strewn all over the floor too. A quick look how to here

Wine bottle trippy lights

img_8240Last but not the least, if that teenager son or nephew of yours love Rock n’ Roll and resembles a hippy from the 60’s, there is hope for you. Cut up those wine bottles and paint colorful patterns on them for him to get hypnotized. Sorry, I have given the entire sketch of my family I guess. Tutorial here

I hope this Handmade list really helps.

Easy, realistic and usable is my line of gifting.

P.s: The teaset on top is a gift from my beloved man

P.P.S: The man got a guitar strap


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9 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas- Trumatter’s handmade gifting List”

  1. Love your list, Rukmini, and the teaset. Your man knows you well, I see 🙂

    As for the mood you’re in? I’ll confess to having the same and there’s no wedding in my near future.
    I have a feeling it’s all the stress and exhaustion of the year that’s about to turn into 2013…

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