Happy Friday folks! How have you all been? Me you ask? Oh well…it’s been a busy week and just the sort of week I’d need in my life. We completed the balcony if you remember? Our band and I did a small shoot for a quite-famous music channel, we have anthropologie mugs in the house and I am working towards building my little home office.  An active, busy week it was and very, very fulfilling!

Anthropologie cups 2


I think I should start a ‘fulfilling’ page. Like the happiness page you know…the first post up would be ‘fulfilling is decorating with anthropologie’. I have been wanting these anthro beauties forever and I almost nagged a friend to go and buy and send them over from california! Then, I irritated the benevolent gentleman who carried it all the way to India to take a 40 minute drive and leave it to a friend’s friend who would give it to another friend who will get it to Mumbai. Lastly, I made my husband and ankur wait in the car, take a detour and get these babies home. I am a tyrannic, bad, selfish and impractical woman. But you know what? Good women seldom make history 😉 And I swear I will manipulate my way through to home decor greatness. I am laughing so hard right now. Laughing on one’s own self never felt so good.

Anthropologie cups 1


And while things are looking pretty perfect in my living room, one room down, its a crusade~ Crusade against pigeons, their eggs {some of them rotting}, feathers, poop, empty bottles {yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full} dirt, dust and oh my God!!!!!! You see, since the time we moved in, that place was the only section I didn’t touch. It was dirty and I kept procrastinating because it was tooo much dirt to deal with. But when we saw signs of rats we had to do something. On wednesday, the husband and I wore our ‘lets clean this sh**’ attitude and pulled the place down. I swear I almost puked.

But after a good 2 hours, the place opened up and smiled. There was sun and air and blimey, what a beautiful place! Oh wait, this can be my home office now that I am old and want to feel a little important 😉

Here my friends is what  step 1 is looking like~~


Love this turquoise dome that I see from the window.



Dilemma is whether to make a low seating or a table-chair set up…table by the window or against. There is a tap in there you know…so in my mind I am thinking how about a bath…its brimming with possibilities.

What would you turn it into? Ideas?

Signing off for now, loads to do before I drink my second round of tea. Also, every project henceforth will have #projecttrumatter hashtag. if you want to tag anything that reminds you all of me, use the hashtag. I will be putting all projects under the same so when you want to search for my projects on socialmedia, you know where to get it all listed. Clever no?





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