We have vintage enamelware in here and can I just scream with joy? Those of you who know me well know how desperately I wanted enamelware. I was swooning almost everyday on chic French Vintage enamelware and desperately ransacking portals for good deals. In fact I almost got my suitcase ready to go to Maureen’s who generously offered me a trunkful if only I could make it. Oh and of course I was going to cross her fence and go to Wendy’s- she was to pick up enamelware for me. Such a dream trip it would have been. But looks like Rohan Kadam saved me a good chunk of money!

 The man in my life gifted me 1 fruit bowl, 1 finger bowl and 1 pitcher- all made of the material of my dreams. My rose plants thought it would be great to break into a bloom to celebrate this mid-week happiness. Searching around the world, I found these 2 blocks away from my home. And of course, I let him pay. He was a bit skeptical (Come on, its chippy, old enamelware- tin stuff man, who wants that) but eventually succumbed. He doesn’t say more if I really like something- mainly because I do get a lot of “Wow’s” with what I do with them later- I’m a visionary you see (coughs)

I have two varieties- orange and crimson! How sweet of them to bloom now, now that I needed them for my photographs! the crochet obviously is vintage and it’s an heirloom- passed on to me. It was my grandmother’s.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of grandeur and things I love. Girly things.

What are your favorite girly things?


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