We’ve really come a long, long way from being a scared painter and here it is my handpicked colour palettes for Asian Paints Colour Code. This was my first commissioned photo project and man, I couldn’t have been more excited to shutter bug it out. Read on to know the palettes, the inspirations, the colours and about Colour Code: an inspirational tool for architects and interior designers, using thematic visuals as the starting point to explore colour palettes.

Culture- Gorgeous Golds- Fuchsia SplendourThis image is from the series Gorgeous Golds where I have tried to bring out a contemporary palette and you can see them here I am putting a snippet of how I have paired the colours and shades from Asian Paints here, you can visit Colour Code website to see more.

Inspiration for Gorgeous GoldsBlessing, wealth, Pride, Love, a good beginning, investment, security, coming of age, affection. Ours is a culture that celebrates gold like no other. Gorgeous Golds celebrates our innate love for this precious metal and explores palettes that make it shine like a thousand million suns.

Fuchsia Splendor

Honestly, I loved working with products. I don’t call myself a photographer but I can whip a good photo or two you know 😉 Talking about photos, this photo is my absolute favorite. Chiefly because it was not staged at all. It was inspiring, it was spontaneous and it was so me! I’m a strong advocate of curating inspirations from everyday things and this was perfect. To take a look at the complimentary colour palette, head here

Connoisseur- Dreamy Whites- Java JoltThis is from the theme “Dreamy Whites” under the main bucket “Connoisseurs”- haha, well if you know me, you already figured out why I chose to work with whites for the connoisseur bucket. It’s so evident- I don’t even have to tell ya!

Inspiration for Dreamy Whites: Inspired by the wanting of peace; inspired by fleeting moments of country bliss in the hustle and bustle of city life and guided by the beauty of all things frugal and simple, dreamy whites explore white as a colour, and as a fabulous background for instilling laid-back luxe.

Similarly I have worked with 3 other themes: Vitamin Sea (A sea inspired palate) under “Mood”, Very Vintage ( A retro-vintage palette) under Personality and “Everyday Exotic” under the bucket “Inspiration”. You can check all of them here

Mood-VitaminSea-Theworld'sanoceanThere are many more beautiful palettes in Asian Paints Colour Code by other artists waiting to be discovered. Head over to experience a seires of inspired colour palettes- some traditional, some very modern and some totally unexpected but beautiful as a palette! If you are a designer or aspiring to be a decor blogger; If you are trying to paint homes or furniture; if you are a designer who is looking for a funky take on traditional colour palette this is your place to be! Colour Code puts an end to colour-paleting-rules and adds fun in matching colours like no other!

And You Can Participate too!

If you think you would love to pull a colour or two out of your hat, head over to Asian Paints Colour Code. Read the instructions on the pop ups and upload your photo. If its moderated by the judges, you can have your own colour palette shining  bright in the Asian Paints Colour Code Wall! Now isn’t that pretty exciting?



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